Review: The Line Watchers

The Line Watchers Tvb Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 27
Genre: Investigation, Crime, Action, Immigration
Native title: 把關者們
Original network: TVB

Working in the front line, the story is set in Hong Kong’s customs office and the various departments. Trade Controls, Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau, Customs Drug Investigation Bureau. 

Front liners

The Line Waters Still Cuts Venus Wong

Different levels and different departments but the same goal. Leading the Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau, Fung Sir, Hoi Fung (Benjamin Yuen) is a smart and strong leader which is acknowledged by the entire building. His partner Madam Kuan, Yan (Mandy Wong) leads the Trade Controls Bureau. Known to be the power couple.

Batch mates with Hoi Fung is Kay Wan Chi Kei, Madam Wan (Venus Wong) who leads the Customs Drug Investigation Bureau. She is a different leader, also capable but Kay is really strict and demanding leader.

Customs and Excise School

Inspiring to be future custom officers, a group of aspiring adults entered the Customs and Excise School after passing their interview rounds.

KO Yip King On (Karl Ting) met Kwai Ting Fei (Tiffany Lau) as batch mates, in the same class their form is heaven and earth apart. But KO helped Ting Fei along the way to pass all the different rounds and eventually graduate together.

Chan Ka Hing (Carlos Chan) and Fong Ching Long (Moon Lau) entered the school as future sergeants. Ka Hing is a person that follows the books, Ching Long is a positive young mother with a fire fighter husband. She believes that both family and career can be prioritized.


Yan and Hoi Fung have been in a relationship for a long period, cohabited, and co-raised a beautiful dog. Seems perfect but Hoi Fung’s parents are rushing them to get official with a marriage certification. Unexpected pregnancy caught them off guard which forced them to rethink and reimagine their future.

The Line Waters Still Cuts Mandy Wong And Benjamin Yuen

Unrequited love that was not discovered by one, Kay (Venus Wong) always felt something for Hoi Fung be it competitive for work performance or daily nitty-gritty. Her ex-boyfriend Alvin (Jack Wu) came back to Hong Kong after his late wife left. Their relationship rekindle.

Overall, this is a good drama that showcases more about the roles of a customs officer and not in general. The importance of each role and the impact they are trying to give the general public.

The relationship lines within the drama have multiple different couples and all with their own insecurities to overcome. The depth of it creates more dynamics to the drama as a whole.

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