Review: The Man Who Kills Trouble

The Man Who Kills Trouble TVB Drama

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Crime, School, Investigation, Triads

Native title: 解決師
Original network: TVB

If you are a fan of happily ever after, this is not the drama for you. From the title, you can probably guess what is it like. “The Man who kills trouble” is a type of job that probably only have bosses that are the biggest in triad gangs.

DISCLAIMER: For those who does not want to be spoiled. Here’s my first impression of the drama. 

The biggest takeaway from the drama is this “Life is simple, it is just not easy.”


Triad scene

K later known as Orson (Vincent Wong) is the solver for a gang leader and trained since young. He carries a bad childhood that made him choose this dark path. Living in Melbourne, Australia since birth, he is fluent in Cantonese as well.

He met Chloe (Kelly Cheung) and quickly fell in love, yet Chloe died in a failed experiment bomb. K’s boss death cause suspicion that he killed him, the son order his death. John, K’s mentor, shot him in his head skillfully to save his life.

Beginning of the second life

K reborn as Orson 敖熙辰 , a Secondary school teacher in Hong Kong, living a life that he wants but never gets. He stay close to Chloe’s family in Hong Kong without revealing his real identity and treat them as his closest kin.

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The new co-form teacher arrive at the school gate disapproving what Orson is doing morally as a teacher due to misunderstanding. Jovy 蔣穎欣 (Natalie Tong) is a flutist like Chloe, also a teacher with a strong family background that isolate her from real friends.

Substitute or true love?

Orson has already met Jovy back in Melbourne and even saved her before. Every time Orson see her from afar, it reminds him of Chloe and found countless resemblance. Ever since Chloe’s death, Orson does not have the courage to love again.

Since Jovy is the daughter of the biggest triad leader in Hong Kong, naturally people wants to hurt her to indirectly hit the leader, Cheung Tou 蔣滔 (Lok Lam Law). After a couple of swift attempt, Jovy slowly figured his real identity but did not reject him.

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Exiting triad, mission impossible

When your daughter hated yourself doing illegal stuff, Cheung Tou decided to wash his hands off the triad gang and wanted his son, Cheung Ka Wing aka Tai Zi 蔣家榮 (Eric Li) to exit as well.

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Cheung Tou and Tai Zi

Tai Zi refuse to exit and went behind his father’s back to claim the throne back. His actions made Cheung Tou pissed but that also caused his life. The scene when everyone refuse to let Tai Zi pay respect for his passing father is really sad.

On the bright side, Tai Zi is actually investigating who killed his father and want the person to pay prove that he is not totally a bad kid. However, he is doing it wrongly and things just got out of hands.

Black cops are back

Man Sir 文浩全 (Jonathan Cheung) is the other male lead in the drama. His father taught him to be a righteous police since young and he hated triads aiming to eliminate every single one.

After finding out that his father is actually a black cop, he was devastated. During the process of discovery, he accidentally killed a retired cop. All these action was recorded down by his superior, Madam Ma 馬幗纓 (Pinky Cheung).

Review The Man Who Kills Trouble

Instead of reporting him, she invite him to work with her to serve Tai Zi. One wrong decision made him step even deeper.

Guest appearance

For those who are familiar with the drama, Heart and Greed 3 溏心風暴3, you will be seeing a small reunion here. Hung Chung Yu 項頌如 (Sharon Chan) was an outstanding lawyer that Cheung Tou groomed. To repay him, Chung Yu work her life off in the legal company as senior consultant and helping him to wash off the illegal business.


After the death of Cheung Tou, Chung Yu’s work load is increasing and more trouble face. At almost end of the drama, Cheung Tien Yan aka TY (Michael Tong) stood out as another company’s CEO to help her. Their similarities soon attract the workaholic Tien Yan, however, Chung Yu thinks that he is annoying and rejected him.

Just like how Cheung Tou treat Chung Yu like a daughter, Wong Wing Zheng 黃永正 (Xia Yu) treat TY as his son hate to see him missing out an opportunity of happily ever after. So he stepped in to medicate them.


Review The Man Who Kills Trouble

The most outstanding character to me will be Tai Zi acted by Eric Li. He is in the industry for the longest time always got picked up as a hooligan, rapist all sorts of villain. This is his breakthrough role and glad that people are starting to pick this up.

The drama was really binge worthy in the beginning but the feel kind of stopped from episode 20. Things start to get intense, but does not have the urge to click on the next episode.

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔