Review: The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning

The Mermaid Prince - The Beginning - post

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: School, Youth, Romance, Sports

Native title: 인어왕자: 더 비기닝
Original network: seezn, Lifetime

The second season of The Mermaid Prince brings us back to Choi Woo Hyuk’s (Astro’s Moon Bin) high school time. The high school Woo Hyuk is a happier individual who is passionate about swimming.

Co-ed school

The Mermaid Prince - The Beginning - post
The Mermaid Prince – The Beginning – post

Jo Ara (Chae Won Bin) is a normal high school student that once in a while will stand up for justice. She sneaked into the nearby boys’ high school with her friend Ma Li A (Jung Bo Min) to deliver a surprise for their crush. However, the operation failed and she accidentally bumped into Woo Hyuk who just finish his laps.

Ma Li A successfully deliver her gift and started dating Yoon Jae Beom (Yoon Seo Bin). Years later, the news broke that both schools will combined which will make them into a co-ed school. This news reminds Ara about the incident.

Love confession

Woo Hyuk had a major surgery that forced him out of his favorite swimming, calling quits in the competitive swimming club. His friends Yoon Gun (SF9’s Hwi Young), Jo Ah Seo (Moon Sang Min) did not know the real reason.

Mermaid Prince cast - still cut
Mermaid Prince cast – still cut

Jo Ara and Jo Ah Seo are twins but they kept it as a secret in school and even to their closest friends. Jo Ah Seo has a crush on Ma Li A for the longest time but she is dating Jae Beom.

Out of guilt, Woo Hyuk patch up the broken relationship with Oh Yoon Yeong (Yu Na Gyeol). Yoon Yeong and Yoon Gun are neighborhood friends, all Yoon Gun wants is Yoon Yeong to be happy and that includes him starting a relationship with Ara.

After Ara knew where Yoon Gun’s heart really lies, she decided to play along and hopefully will help Yoon Yeong to see things clearer.

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