Review: The Player (2018)

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No. of episodes: 14
Genre: Crime, Action

Original title: 플레이어

Was attracted after reading the synopsis while browsing through ViuTV site.


The four individuals, an expert in their respective fields come together to form this elite team to solve crimes with the support of a righteous prosecutor. The black money (illegal dirty money) that was found in the process of finding the evidence will go to the team of four (4) and the righteous prosecutor only wants the evidence.

Ultimately, they want to eliminate “that person” and how they go about finding “that person” true identity.

The cast

Review The Player 2018

The mastermind of the team of four (4), Kang Ha-ri (acted by Song Seung Heon), he is the con artist and the leader that bring the team together. Later, the team will realise that his true identity is Choi Soo Hyuk, and all his motive will be revealed.

Review The Player 2018

The IT, hacker, Lim Byung-min (acted by Lee Si-eon). Used to work under Chairman Chun, which is under “that person” and physically abused by him. Ha-ri saved him after that attacked him and invite him to join his team.

Review The Player 2018

The driver, pickpocket, Cha Ah-Ryung (acted by Krystal Jung). Last to join the team and the only female which makes her the youngest sister in the family.

Review The Player 2018

The fighter, Do Jin Woong (acted by Tae Won Suk), used to work under “that person” by accident through one of the cases. Toughest but the softest heart in the team.

Favourite scenes

Love all the cases that they solved and when they finally caught their target, the happiness on their faces when they found the black money that can keep.

I do have a favourite scene particularly will be the guys recognises Ah-ryung as their family, their youngest sister, in episodes 5-6.

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Based on the ending, the scriptwriter should be able to write season 2, right?

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

Catch it on ViuTV.

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