Review: The Righteous Fists

The Righteous Fists Hk Drama Poster 2022

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Historical
Native Title: 鐵拳英雄
Original network: TVB

The drama is set in the times of 1960s to 1970s, the chinatown of Bangkok, Thailand where all the local Chinese residents gather together with different backgrounds.

Across the sea

Three families met on the boat, on their way to start fresh in Thailand. They cross path while trying to stand up from the triad members on the same ship. The men from all three families instantly built a connection and decided to keep in contact before they part ways after arriving Bangkok, Thailand.

Security was terrible back in the days, being an entrepreneur is tough, trying to make a living is harder. Bou Tin Haa (Ruco Chan) from a Teochew background has the strongest root to being righteous.


Righteous Fists Decades Ago

One night, the kids from all the three families was being kidnapped and the fathers sprint to locate them in a deserted house. Four men, 3 against 1 seems like an easy job but Bo Tin Haa sudden turned his back and fight for the evil. That caused death of Lin Zan Saan, Lo Heung Dung, Bo Cing Wan lost his younger brother and sister from the sudden fire outbreak.

Bo Cing Wan’s mother Ding Sai Fung aka Fung Jie lost her 2 children and husband overnight and became mentally unstable. Bo Cing Wan and Fung Jie went to Ching Mai to lead a simple live and Cing Wan have to lie about his siblings’ existence.

Back to Chinatown

Someone tipped off telling Fung Jie that her children who’ve been sending her letters are paid actors. She was triggered by that and went back to the crime scene decades ago to find them. Bo Cing Wan rushed to chinatown to find back her mother but end up crossing path with Chin Chien Chien (Natalie Tong) and her collective family who is in town to con some money.

Lin Zan Saan’s only son grew up and became a policeman in Chinatown, going by the name Tony who cut off ties with his family and relatives.

Chinatown is dominated by two big vicious families, the Gam and Paang. Of course, back in the days, the police are corrupted as well.

Big players in Chinatown

Righteous Fists Gam Family

Under Gam family, they are led by Gam Lung (Jimmy Au) who have 5 children, 4 males and 1 princess. Being the only daughter in a male dominating family and era, Gam Fuk Mui (Elaine Yiu) is desperate to prove her worth in the family. She put in her very best but was treated badly by her blood family on the inside.

The Paang family is led by Paang Gin (Cheung Kwok Keung) and his wife Jiu Hung Fa (Mary Hon) and their only son, Paang Ging Jo who came back from America with his fiance Bo Ching Sam (Grace Wong) who goes by another name to hide her real identity.

The Righteous Fists

The Righteous Fists Drama Poster 2

No longer able to keep his real identity hush-hush, Bo Cing Wan was known as the traitor’s son in Chinatown and took him quite a push to be once again accepted by the residents.

He lives in a shared house together with his mother, their landlord Chin Chien Chien also sublet the rooms out. The Fong family of three who is also Tony’s only relative left, Je Loi Gat (Philip Ng) and his grandmother.

After Cing Wan realise Tony is actually trying his best to find out the truth behind his father’s death and Ting Haa’s mysterious change during the fight, he became an undercover and join force with Cing Wan to find out the truth. Being one of the best fighter, Je Loi Gat vow to help them do the right things and hope the town can live a corrupted free tomorrow.

Will the righteous group able to save Chinatown from the corrupted police and triad gangs?

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