Review: The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Romance Of Tiger And Rose C Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 传闻中的陈芊芊
Original network: Tencent Video

The drama is about a romance between Chen Qian Qian and Han Shuo who are characters in the script written by modern day Chen Xiao Qian (Zhao Lu Si) but criticizes by the main actor Han Ming Xing (Ryan Ding).

Zhao Lu Si plays both Chen Xiao Qian (modern day) and Chen Qian Qian (olden day)
Ryan Ding played both Han Ming Xing (modern day) and Han Shuo (olden day)

Stuck in a dream

What are the chances that a scriptwriter is sucked in and stuck in her own creation? (apart from W-Two Worlds) With zero experience in romantic relationship, Xiao Qian was criticized by the lead actor Ming Xing and doubt her capability to understand love.

Review The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

To rush the scripts, Xiao Qian spent days rushing and when it is done she slept and woke up in the world she created. Realizing she plays the role of the Third Princess Chen Qian Qian who is going to die in the third episode after drinking poisonous wine.

Plot changes

During the wedding night of Qian Qian and Han Shuo suppose to be the end for Qian Qian and finally she can return from her dream. Things did not turn out that way, Hao Shuo swapped the wine and she survived.

Review The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

Xiao Qian starts to lost the original story and thinking of options to return home. Fear of pain, she gave up the option of killing herself. Only way is to survive until the final episode.

Plan fails

The male and female lead suppose to be Han Shuo and Chen Chu Chu (Zhou Zi Xin) and naturally fall for each other after Han Shuo kill Qian Qian. Since story did not work that way, Qian Qian think of ways and create opportunities for Han Shuo to meet his second sister and fall in love.

Fall in love

Review The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

To cure Han Shuo’s heart disease, Qian Qian risk and stole the ‘dragon bone’ that is the treasure of the city. Han Shuo suppose to enter the city to cure his heart disease while mapping out to take over the entire city. Instead, he fell for Qian Qian.

Review The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

Match making gone wrong

Qian Qian wanted her husband and her second sister to fell in love so that the drama can process to the finale. However when the plan fails and Han Shuo realized her plans, he was really upset and can’t seem to understand why she is pushing him away.

Review The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

Well said, Qian Qian see her sister turning from good female lead to a villain and she starts to notice the way she look at Han Shuo, its love. She decide to forgo the idea of going home and just stay in the world and grow old with Han Shuo.

Review The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

Variables and fate

Even though the story changes but the fate of the characters are still the same. Those that was killed off the script or fall into deep trouble eventually happened. Qian Qian knew Han Shuo will be killed at the end of the drama and did not want him to lose his life.

Hence, she chase him out of his life with all lies and it hurt him badly. Han Shuo is back on track with her drama to take over the city after he escape.

Review The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

How to turn that back on track and when will she return home?

This is really a brilliant drama that is good to binge watch it.

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