Review: The Runner

TVB Drama - The Runner 大步走

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Sports, Family

Native Title: 大步走
Original network: TVB

The drama aims to bring positivity to the viewers and learn how to live a minimalist lifestyle. The journey of living a minimalist lifestyle is easier said than done. Yuan Lik aka Lik Sir (Joel Chan) is Carrie’s (Elaine Yiu) coach, started as a nemesis and slowly develop feelings for each other.


Carrie works at a media company run by Silver (Alex Lam) and she was sent to the running club to be undercover in hopes to find some juicy news to post on the internet. Didn’t want to lose her job, she joined the club with her non-active body. KO Sir (Cheung Kwok Keung) saw the potential in her and want to train her up as a marathon runner.

After knowing the people in the club and Lik Sir, she did not want to post anything negative but was posted by Silver who found the materials in the company’s account.

Carrie's first running competition. The Runner.
Carrie’s first running competition. The Runner.

Lik Sir became Carrie’s coach and kept the secret from everyone. Carrie worked extra hard for the running club as she felt bad but end up developed feelings for the club.

Long lost daughter

Lik Sir was a bad husband in the past, he neglected his wife and daughter while earning money outside. Michelle couldn’t take it and want out, to not lose his daughter, Lik Sir carry her away in the middle of the night. An accident happened and Lik Sir went to a slump after losing his wife and daughter.

Belle Gwok Bei Er (Tiffany Lau) is the only daughter of the boss of Sports Kingdom, Miracle Gwok (Ram Chiang) but turns out she is not her biological daughter. Belle’s biological father is Lik Sir and she wants to find out why he did not find or care about her all these years.

Belle and Zero romance in The Runner
Belle and Zero romance in The Runner

Carrie’s unnoticeable colleague Zero (Joey Law) has a secret crush on Belle, the sports goddess that everyone loves. They are each other’s first love, but will he overcome not only one but two of Belle’s fathers?

Forgive and forget

Carrie and Lik Sir spent their drunk days having heart-to-heart talks about their past relationship and became close friends and support. Franco (Max Cheung) a famous photographer came back to Hong Kong and chance upon his ex, Carrie who still has feelings after 6 years.

Franco, Carrie, Rickie and Lik Sir met together for the first time in the photography exhibition. The Runner.
Franco, Carrie, Rickie and Lik Sir met together for the first time in the photography exhibition. The Runner.

Franco and Lik Sir are best friends and he was there to enlighten him at his lowest point in life. The knot between Franco and Carrie is untied when Rickie (Yoyo Chen) joins in the picture. When Carrie confirms that she is able to let go and love again, two men came into the picture.

James (Jack Wu) is one of the most eligible bachelors in Hong Kong, a successful businessman, and on the other side is someone she likes more, Lik Sir. Carrie’s sister Nancy (Candice Chiu) is James’s secretary and always wants to be the matchmaker for her boss and sister.

Beginning of James and Carrie's relationship. The Runner.
Beginning of James and Carrie’s relationship. The Runner.

Lik Sir gave his blessing when he felt inferior and also Carrie deserves someone better than him. Because he backed out and told Carrie to go for it, she eventually chose the one that loves her more. But will this relationship last?