Review: To All The Guys Who Loved Me

To all the guys who love me

No. of episodes: 32
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 그놈이 그놈이다
Original network: KBS

The drama is about Seo Hyun Joo (Hwang Jung Eum) who recalls her past 3 life after an accident at the age of 7, and declare not to get married this life. She is a capable webtoon producer but inspire to be a webtoon artist one day.

First Life Memory Of Hyun Joo To All The Guys Who Loved Me
First life memory of Hyun Joo. To all the guys who loved me.

Two men

When Hyun Joo never believe in love, two men walked into her live. Technically, one is already there with her. Webtoon artist and also Hyun Joo’s younger brother, Park Do Gyum (Seo Ji Hoon) was adopted by Hyun Joo’s parents and they grew up together. Do Gyum as a one-sided crush on her since high school.

To All The Guy Who Loved Me Onesidedlove

CEO Hwang Ji Woo (Yoon Hyun Min) has a huge pharmaceutical company, he was involved in the same accident that Hyun Joo had at age of 7. Both of them remembers their past lives, but Ji Woo remember clearly that they are lovers.

To All The Guy Who Loved Me Two Men

Plot and new business

Ji Woo was planning to unite (first meet) Hyun Joo for years, he planned to get her fired as a Webtoon producer with the artist. When she was jobless after 5 years, Ji Woo’s assistant Nam Yoo Cheol (Lee Hwang Ui) approached Hyun Joo for a job opening.

Using excuse like wanting to invest in other businesses, Ji Woo create a new team for Hyun Woo to run the webtoon business.

Arranged marriage

Kim Seon Hee (Choi Myung Gil) is a reputable person and also chairwoman of hospital. She controls her only daughter Han Seo Yoon (Jo Woo Ri) like her puppet. She wanted her daughter to marry Hwang Ji Woo and even setup a meeting with Ji Woo’s mother.

Seo Yoon was working as one of Ji Woo’s secretary before moving to the webtoon department as an intern, finally doing what she likes. Park Do Gyum is her favorite webtoon artist and she idolized him. That turns into her aim to be his producer as well.

Attempt to repair

After Ji Woo confirms that Hyun Joo has bits and pieces of their past lives memories, he wanted to change it to be positive or even erase it. Every piece that Hyun Joo remembers has a sad ending. Ji Woo introduce her to his psychiatrist to do hypnotherapy to help her relieve the pain she remembers.

The truth

Hyun Joo and Ji Woo finally start dating after Do Gyum confessed to her. When Seon Hee knows that they are dating, she was furious and blame her daughter for not taking more initiative.

Han Seo Yoon Passed The Evidence She Found At Home To Park Do Gyum Will He Connect The Dots
Han Seo Yoon passed the evidence she found at home to Park Do Gyum. Will he connect the dots?

Reason why Seon Hee is so obsesses with Ji Woo, she was not returned the love she gave Ji Woo’s previous life. During college days, Seon Hee fell for Ji Woo’s previous life but he did not return the same feelings.

That made her steer into the wrong path and now that she sees a doppelganger, she wants him to be part of her family.

Musical Box That Did Not Deliver On Time
Musical box that did not deliver on time.

Will Hyun Joo forgive Ji Woo from hiding the truth? When will they meet on the same beat?