Review: Touch your heart


No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Legal

Original network: tvN
Native title: 진심이 닿다

If you’ve read my previous entry back in late 2018, you will know this is one of my highly anticipated kdrama in 2019.

Thank you to everyone that pour in their hearts and soul into making this another nice drama for me. (Completed 2 out of 4, and currently, 1 is pending for more information and 1 is ongoing drama.)

DISCLAIMER: The article contains spoiler. If you would like to find out more but not willing to read the following. Do check out my first impression of this drama. 

The Cast

Just a loveable group from ALWAYS Law Film, close-knit group of colleagues help each other to solve cases and work together as one.

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Cast from the Always Law Firm (missing Dambi, one of the attorney)

Asides to the Law firm, the next most important supporting role to me will be Yun Seo’s manager oppa. He plays such a supportive role in Yun Seo’s life even during her down period, he tried his best to support her by being physically there and emotionally supporting her.

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However, I do tend to skip the parts that show the 2nd main leads. Up till now, I still have not quite figure out their purpose being part of the drama.

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2nd Leads, both really close friends with Jung Rok. 

Stronger than anyone

Despite showing her flaws right at the beginning of the drama, when the drama slowly progresses her inner self starts to show more.

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Besides the point that she is innocent since she debuts really young and well protected by her manager oppa, she has a really strong heart and positive mindset that keeps her away from all the negative comments.

After the drug scandal, she was thrown out of the industry by netizens with nasty remarks and it definitely left a scar which she chose not to show.

Review Touch Your Heart

The Beginning

Review Touch Your Heart

They started dating through the most straightforward letter.

Little hiccup

From a rom-com to a melodrama when Jung Rok suggests to break up with Yun Seo.

For 2-3 episodes, they are working and leading their lives differently (or rather, back to their own norms.) But I knew it will happen, this breakup will help Yun Seo to experience different kind of pain which will help her in her acting career.

Review Touch Your Heart

Shall not spoil even further, but this is really a good drama to catch up if you need to laugh but still want to solve real serious crime (legal approach). A really good balance to me.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔 (near to a 4.5/5)


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