Review: Touch

Touch Korean Drama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Trainee

Native title: 터치
Original network: Channel A

For those who are in the Kpop scene, you will know the term ‘trainees’. The process which all idols need to go through before they are selected to debut. Not many are able to make it to the stage and the duration of training differ from people.

Han Soo Yeon (Kim Bo Ra) is a idol trainee under Window Entertainment for 10 years and yet to make her debut. She agreed to join an audition program and finally made it as a member of a 5 girl group, Miracle. Her happiness was short lived as the CEO decide to sacrifies her to save another popular idol, Kang Do Jin (Lee Tae Hwan) which have paparazzi sending evidences of scandal.

Before reading the rest which contains spoilers, here is my first impression of the drama.


Do Jin Confession

Do Jin and Soo Yeon train under the same entertainment for many years, they are each others best friends and support. Do Jin developed feelings for her after she went missing for a year and back in Seoul.

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Do Jin did not stop going all out showing love and care for her but always got rejected. Their relationship went a different way once Do Jin found out what the CEO did to her to save him.

Ex’s Return

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Cha Jung Hyuk (Joo Sang Wook) is the founder of CHA Beauty, his unknown ex Baek Ji Yoon (Han Da Gam) went back to him, he heartlessly rejected. Ji Yoon ditched him years ago and marry a chabol, Min Kang Ho (Song Jae Hee) but was abused at home.

Business scheme

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Even though Jung Hyuk did not reciprocate Ji Yoon’s love, her husband still thinks that they are dating behind his back and went nuts. He schemed with Oh Secret’s CEO, Oh Shi Eun (Byun Jung Soo) and steal his almost new launch products.

This caused CHA beauty to fold and his reputation went down the drain.


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Soo Yeon like the rest joins Oh Secret after Jung Hyuk fight for employment for his CHA Beauty team after dismissal. However, she managed to stay by his side and they start up another business from scratch. The makeup shop is called ‘Touch‘.

Truth is out

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After Do Jin found out what the CEO did, he was furious yet struggle to face Soo Yeon. He decided to reveal the truth of the entire incident during his fan meeting with prior knowledge that this might just crash his career.

The confession shook the industry and netizen immediately turn their heads to support Soo Yeon. Within days, she reach #1 in the Search Engines and companies start to poach her and plan for her debut.

Singer or Makeup artist

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The fall one year ago made Soo Yeon grew up a lot and think even more. Her relationship with Jung Hyuk finally blooms and now she has to start from zero again? She is in dilemma between both career paths, what she end up choosing?

Bonus couple

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This couple might only happen towards the end of the drama. Even though they are not the main leads, they did caught my attention from the beginning. The visuals in the drama.

Lee Hyun Joon (Son Woo Hyun) is the 1st lead after the make up artist that follows Jung Hyuk from CHA Beauty to touch. Jung Young Ah (Yeonwoo) is the roommate of Soo Yeon who supports her from their training days.

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