Review: Unforgettable Love

Unforgettable Love Cdrama 2021

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Mental Health, Romance, Comedy

Native title: 贺先生的恋恋不忘
Original network: iQiyi, Mango TV

Adapted from a web novel, Mr He’s Love is Not Forgotten 贺少的闪婚暖妻.

The drama is about He Qiao Yan (Miles Wei Zhe Ming), a capable young CEO who has a son who is different from other kids. He Wei Fei aka Xiao Bao (Lennon Sun Si Cheng) stopped talking after a traumatic accident, even with high IQ, he refuses to get close to anyone except for Qin Yi Yue (Hu Yi Xuan), a child psychologist.

Unforgettablelove Thebeginning Hustle Ceo

Hiring new child psychologist

Many industry experts left the role as it is a handful to take care of Xiao Bao. As much as He Qiao Yan wants to take the role of both father and mother, he is still a rookie one that does everything with a rational mindset.

Qin Yi Yue is an aspiring psychologist that really loves her job in the hospital and is passionate about helping children. Seeing Xiao Bao accepting a totally new stranger is new to Qiao Yan, he went to dig out more background of Yi Yue. Through the handkerchief and mini stuff toy that Yi Yue gave Xiao Bao, it reminds him of his mother.

New mom

Unforgettablelove Newmom

Initially turn down the offer to be Xiao Bao’s mother, underline child psychologist to treat him, she took the role after standing up for him after witnessing a bully in the hospital. Qin Yi Yue resigned from her hospital role and became a full-time mother with the aim of getting Xiao Bao to open up more and find a suitable school for him in the future.

Ning Fang (Wu Chen Xu) came back from abroad and set up a private psychology clinic. As Qin Yi Yue’s senior from college days and in unrequited love, he approached her once he is back. Only knowing that there is a competitor now, He Qiao Yan.

Unforgettablelove Jealous Pots
2 jealous pots fighting over Qin Yi Yue. Unforgettable Love

Love lines

He Qiao Yan’s close friend or only friend Wen Gu (Jerry Yu Yi Jie) is a playboy but a successor to the Wen Empire. Besides his playboy self, he is actually a loyal friend and supporter of He Qiao Yan and Xiao Bao.

He met a strong character Yang Ruo Wei (Sheng Hui Zi) who became his personal assistant that his father arranged. Ruo Wei and Qin Yi Yue is the closest friend and housemates before she moved to He Qiao Yan’s house.

Overall, this is a fun romantic comedy with the aim to brand awareness for people who are battling mental illness and how we can support them.

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