Review: Used Good

Used Good Drama Poster 2021

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Native title: 異搜店
Original network: TVB

The drama revolves around Wai Tak Shun (Matthew Ho) and his senses with second-hand objects that lead him to Joey Fung (Hera Chan). Joey’s family business is a second-hand shop and their parents seem to have a story behind which they want to hide from them.

Second hand shop

Helping his uncle Tse Tin Shing (Raymond Cho) out as a uber/grab driver, Wai Tak Shun met Joey while moving a closed live chicken shop assets out. As an environmentalist, Joey goes around trying her best to save the globe.

Used Good Still Cuts 2

The mysterious chicken statue keep finding its way and appear in front of Tak Shun. He seems like able to see things that people cannot. The objects are talking to him and telling him the hidden story that it want to bring up.

New employee

Joey’s older brother Fung Cho Fai (Maverick Mak) is a useless bum that kept his identity as young and rich to others even though he isn’t. Embezzle money from his father’s second hand shop and was found out, Fung Lap Tong (Li Shing Cheong) assign his daughter to look over the shop when he was hospitalised.

Joey is new to the shop and have no idea where are the good being placed and what inventories they have. When Tak Shun was helping her to procure new second hand goods, he gave her the idea to create an internal database so everyone can move away from relying on Lap Tong.

Used Good Drama Still Cuts 6

Tak Shun was hired for a month to build the database and capture all the inventories.


When Tak Shun’s mother Tse Mei Sheung (Yvonne Lam Yi Man) realised that he was working for Lap Tong, she shy away and immediately reach out to Tin Shing. They are finding a way to convince Tak Shun to resign and stay away from the family.

Used Good Still Cuts 1

Keep mumbling to Tin Shing nervously, “Do you know Joey and Tak Shun can never be together?

Overall, this drama is really interesting as it is not a common topic and background TVB touches on. The storyline has its slow build up which is just nice.

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