Review: VIC维多利亚的模力

Vic Medium

No. of episodes: 16 ( 3 different endings)
Genre: Model, Drama, Variety

Duration per episode: 15-20 minutes

Original title: VIC维多利亚的模力
Original network: Toggle Originals

This is my favorite local web-series in 2018 which showcase the story of the runway.

They ended the series with 3 different ending and I guess it is up to the viewers which ending they prefer.

Soul swap

After the man-made accident which caused the two souls swooped, the two very different individuals wake up to a whole new life. However, Victoria (acted by Irene Ang) body together with Vicky (acted by Carrie Wong) went disappear after the accident.

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Carrie Wong as Vicky/Victoria

From the happy-go-lucky Vicky that everyone left the first impression on to the lady boss Vicky which Victoria’s soul is in. After the accident, Vicky’s soul went missing along with Victoria’s body.

Modeling industry

Unlike the Asia Next Top Model which is a real-life variety show, this series took the essence of it and wrote into a web-series with a hint of the spice factor and the competition to win the modeling contest.

The reality TV show that they are taking part in is called “Fresh Off The Runway”.

New Faces

I guess most of the girls in the series are pretty new to the acting part of the media industry and some of which stands out particular to me.

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I do have impression of her acting in other drama in Channel 8, but her character in this series really made her stands out. Source (1Th)
Related image
Other new faces. Credits (1) 

Guest appearance

Since this is a variety show kind-of series, there are a couple of guest appearance from the local celebs as the guest judge.

Paige Chua in the pet’s episode, Pierre Png (Michael from the Crazy Rich Asians) in the beach showdown’s episode and most importantly, Zoe Tay in the final showdown.

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Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

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