Review: W.H.Y.: What Happened to Your Relationship

Web series by Playlist Studio - W.H.Y.: What Happened to Your Relationship

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Romance, Webseries, Friendship

Native title: WHY: 당신이 연인에게 차인 진짜 이유
Original Network: Playlist Global

Yeon Woo (Jung Gun Joo) was dumped on the 100th day and have no idea why or what happened. He set off to a planned trip with his friends to Jeju island 3 months later and will slowly understand, W.H.Y.


Similar to The Script’s Six Degrees of Separation, this is the web series version of what happen after a break up.

Adventure in Jeju island

Da In (Oh Ah Yun) is equally miserable after a break up that happened on her birthday. Fate brings her together with the three friends in the trip. Together, they stayed in the bed and breakfast (guest house) operating by Lee Han Na (Lee Ji Won).

Through the mixed-gender trip together, things that are briefly mentioned kept Yeon Woo and Da In remember about what they did.

Flirting begins


The two Noonas having the butterflies in the stomach feel during the trip. Yeon Woo and Da In, Seul Gi (Yeo Dong Guk) and Han Na pairing with Jae Yeong (Hwang In Yeob) will subconsciously butt in.



The real reason

Towards the end, Yeon Woo masked up his courage to ask Ju Hyun why did she break up with him. Turns out, it is indeed the worst reason. She was in love with his best friend, Jae Yeong, all along and even before they started dating.


Guess everything happens for a reason, he can finally let it go.

But there’s a twist at the end of the series when Jae Yeong folded his jenga. Jenga “Did you give up on someone you love because of your friend?

The five new best friends aim to take a trip together the following year.