Review: Wait, My Youth


No. of episodes: 24
Genre: School, Romance, Drama

Native title: 等等啊我的青春
Original network: Netflix, Youku

For those who have watched A Love so Beautiful or A Little Thing Called Love will find the story flow similar to this drama. However, I feel that this is the best representation amongst all. Too bad, I watched it after curating my favorite C-Drama in 2019 because this definitely make the cut.

3 people you will meet in life.
#1 The person you love the most.
#2 The person who love you the most.
#3 The person you will spend your life with.

The three scenarios will be with different people.

DISCLAIMER: The following content contains spoilers, for those who don’t want to read spoilers can refer to my first impression here


High School Crush

The story started in early 2000 when the leads are in high school. Su Can Can (Li Jia Qi) has a one-sided crush on Lin Jia Ze (Li Ge Yang) since the first year in high school. Lan Tian Ye (Zhao Yi Qin) is the bad kid in school but good in math and other subjects that Can Can is really bad in. Tian Ye is also a best friend with Jia Ze.

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The new broadcast department was set up in school and the new handsome music teacher is recruiting students to the team. Jia Ze and Zhao Ya Ting (Wu Shuang Yi) is naturally the best candidate since they are really strong in music.

To help her friend create more opportunity, Xu Mei Li (Stephanie Xu) pull Can Can along to join the team. Jia Ze recommended Tian Ye to the music teacher Lin Zhou (Vincent Wei) as he can play guitar well. In their final year, the school wants to close down the department and Teacher Lin Zhou was recruited to Beijing for another role.

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Ya Ting has a crush on their music teacher since the first time she saw him in school. 

The clique hangs out together until graduation and decide to record a message to their future self. Each of them lock something precious to them along with the CD and made a pact to revisit and dig out the box when they are older.

Can Can finally gathered all her courage and send Jia Ze a love letter.

College life

The clique of five shares the same dream to enter a college in Beijing and thankfully, all of them made it to Beijing. Even though not all of them are in the same college, they are near to each other and keep in contact with regular meetups.

Soon, they are joined by Tian Ye’s roommate, Tang Xing Yi (Leo Dong) as the sixth member of the clique. In Beijing, they reunite with the music teacher from high school.

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Tough decision

When your long-time crush and the guy who is by your side protecting you for a long-time decide to confess to you on the same date and time, who will you choose?

Can Can eventually chose Tian Ye, the person that she gradually fell for and has been a constant for her since high school, the person that she can be absolutely comfortable with. (That’s the goal, isn’t it?)

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After that, she confirmed that Jia Ze also likes her from the postcard he sent over from Taiwan. But it is too late. (The scene of them talking things out, it is bittersweet and really admire their relationship.)

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Jia Ze and Can Can still friends

LDR and its challenge

The factor that made me link back to the other 2 dramas, the Long-Distance relationship challenge set for the leads as one was offered to travel to further studies.

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Inspired to be better in the music industry, both Tian Ye and Can Can was working towards the same goal of entering Berkeley University in the States. However, only Tian Ye was offered a seat. They agree that one will go there first while Can Can work hard to secure a seat there.

Things just did not work out, the distance made them more independent and share less on the daily struggles.

After many years

Can Can decide to break up with Tian Ye at the airport while he head back to the States since she can’t get into Berkeley even with the amount of hard work she poured, and idea of not being his burden.

College days are over and even though Tian Ye is not with her, her friends are still there supporting her. They still miss each other dearly and did not move on to another partner.

Both made their way into the ideal career and cross path again due to work which soon she discover he did not let go of the relationship and he is also suffering his own way after she left him.

Opening the “treasure box”

After 7 years, the clique is finally back together and decide to head back to the campus and dig out the box. They watched the message that was sent to them by the highschool self and when it was Tian Ye’s turn, the video ended.

He say, his wish will come true soon and went down on his knees.

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Can’t have enough of them? They are back together for another drama, My Girl 99分女朋友 that will be airing next year. So…, yes they will be back onscreen as couple. 

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

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