Review: Was it Love?

Was it love? Kdrama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Native title: 우리 사랑했을까

Original network: JTBC, Netflix
Genre: Romance, Comedy

The drama is about a single mother living on her own for 14 years, Noh Ae Jung (Song Ji Hyo) is a movie producer who have given up on romance but found herself starting the next chapter when four other men walks into her life at the same time. To even complicate things, an A-list actress Joo Ah Rin (Kim Da Som) enters into the story.

Single mother in South Korea

Ae Jung struggles to be a single mother, she raise Noh Ha Nee (Uhm Chae Young) with the help of her mother Choi Hyang Ja (Kim Mi Jung). Ha Nee’s father is a question mark that Ae Jung did not disclose even her mother.

Discrimination and stereotype can be annoying as people assume single parent’s kid will grow up to be astray due to the lack of love and right environment with guidance.

Four men

Famous actor Ryu Jin (Song Jong Ho) and Oh Dae Oh (Son Ho Jun) are college friends of Ae Jung from the same major. They reentered her life after 14 years apart due to the movie production that Ae Jung is working on.

Was Is Love The Four Suitors
Was is Love – The four suitors

Goo Pa Do (Kim Min Joon) is a triad boss with background, he became the investor of the movie that Ae Jung is working hard to produce. Lastly, Ha Nee’s homeroom teacher Oh Yeon Woo (Koo Ja Sung) and also has a one-sided love for Ae Jung since 14 years ago.

Campus couple

Oh Dae Oh and Ae Jung used to date in their college days. Separated due to a huge misunderstanding. Ryu Jin has a crush on Ae Jung even before Dae Oh enter the college but couldn’t musk up courage to confess.

Ae Jong And Oh Dae Oh First Love In College
Ae Jong and Oh Dae Oh – First love in college.

Joo Ah Rin (Kim Da Som) is a high school student tutor by Dae Oh. She is what we describe as troubled teen but she has a crush on Dae Oh the college oppa. After she was rejected, she work hard and became the Angel of Asia by hiding her name, age and true self.


To get the investment from Pa Do, Ae Jung need to cast Ryu Jin as the male lead and Arin as the female lead. Both top stars are not exactly in good terms and it is tough at first.

Arin And Aejong 039 S Little Accident In The Party
Arin and Aejong’s little accident in the party.

Finally waited for Dae Oh to be back in her life, but realized that he is still hung up with Ae Jung. Arin couldn’t stand Ae Jung yet she is not a bad person, just jealous.

Who is my father?

As Ha Nee grow up, she is interested to find out who her father is and why he abandon them. Ha Nee continue to investigate without her mother’s knowledge.

Was It Love Father Reveal Soon

Ha Nee’s checklist

After seeing Ae Jung being happy with Dae Oh, Ha Nee slowly open up. She told Dae Oh that she don’t need a father figure in her life as she is good now. But she wants her mother to be happy.

Ha Nee 039 S Checklist For Dae Oh To Follow
Ha Nee’s checklist for Dae Oh to follow.