Review: When My Love Blooms

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No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Politics

Native title: 화양연화
Original network: tvN

The drama is about romance between a pair of college first love and how they reunited after 20 years and fell in love again. In 1994, Yoon Ji Soo (Jeon So Nee) a music major fell in love at first sight when the law major senior Han Jae Hyun (GOT7’s Park Jin Young) saved him from the chaos of protest.

Decades later, the pair of first love reunited. Yoon Ji Soo (Lee Bo Young) in her forties is a single mother who took on many part time jobs to support herself and her son. Han Jae Hyun (Yoo Ji Tae) who was once a passionate person about human rights became an ambitious businessman who pursue wealth and honor.


Ji Soo try to avoid seeing Jae Hyun at all cost and just want to lead a simple life with her son. But things start to change when Jae Hyun finally found her and want to know why she left him decades ago.

Review When My Love Blooms

Ji Soo and Jae Hyun reunited at the boarding school their respective sons went to due to fight between them (more like bullying). Stuck in the village due to heavy snow storm, they went to the only bed and breakfast and spend time after decades.

First love courtship

Review When My Love Blooms

Ji Soo start to find Jae Hyun after he ‘saved’ her from the chaos. She went around walking and asking people and finally found him in the club room. He did not appear to be interested in the beginning but slowly warm up to Ji Soo after her confession and aggressive yet soft approach.

Review When My Love Blooms

Ji Soo joined the club that Jae Hyun is in and start to go protesting with the members, understand why they do so. Even though Jae Hyun hate the idea of her risking her life with them.

Review When My Love Blooms

Sweet blooming romance

First love, the sweet innocent time where you just fall head over heel and learning more about love as days goes by. Ji Soo comes from a wealthy family and father is a high ranked prosecutor where as Jae Hyun born in a humble low-income family and work his way up as a law student.

Review When My Love Blooms

Jae Hyun often find himself unable to give Ji Soo more due to monetary restriction and felt bad, didn’t know that Ji Soo care less about that than spending time with him. Even though Ji Soo born with silver spoon, she is the least favorite child and her father did not like her.

Review When My Love Blooms

Why she left

Threaten by her father after he discover their relationship. The power of him changes the fate of Jae Hyun’s parents. The accident that caused the death of Ji Soo’s mother and younger sister drove her father insane.

Review When My Love Blooms

Bits and pieces add on to the weight and to save Jae Hyun and his future, Ji Soo choose to leave. Decades later, Jae Hyun’s wife Jang Seo Gyung (Park Shi Yeon) and her father Jang San (Moon Sung Geun) totally change him and what he went through after Ji Soo left.

Together again

Review When My Love Blooms

As much as Ji Soo resist the love and affection that Jae Hyun is injecting and making sure his secretary secretly helping her. The pressure and plots that Seo Gyung set to embarrass her, everything just make them take a step closer.

Review When My Love Blooms

Secretly admiring

Review When My Love Blooms

Joo Young Woo (Lee Tae Sung) one-sided crush on Yoon Ji Soo since college, witnessing her fall for Jae Hyun and date him, break up and marry her ex-husband Lee Se Hoon (Kim Young Hoon).

Second-lead syndrome here.

Overall, the drama is all about beautiful love, not the most intense yet beautiful like flower bloom.

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