Review: Where Your Eyes Linger

Where your eyes linger, web drama

No. of episodes: 8
Genre: Boy Love, LGBT, Romance, Web drama, School

Native Title: 너의시선이머무는곳에
Original network: VIKI

The drama is about an 18 year old student Han Tae Joo (Han Gi Chan) who is a successor to TB Group but has to hide his real identity as a chaebol. His father hired a bodyguard who is also his childhood friend Kang Gook (Jang Eui Soo) to protect Tae Joo and stay with him.

Growing up together, Tae Joo and Kang Gook have been really close. Kang Gook knew and figured out his feelings for Tae Joo but did not admit. Witnessing Tae Joo date other girls and secretly jealous watching. He cannot do anything but only to protect him and follow Tae Joo father’s order.

Review Where Your Eyes Linger

Things start to change when their school mate Choi Hye Mi (Choi Kyu Ri) start to ask Kang Gook out. The new restaurant that Kang Gook frequent is opened by a pair of mother and daughter. Hye Mi’s mother know that Kang Gook and Tae Joo treat each other above friendship.

Review Where Your Eyes Linger

When Tae Joo realized that he felt the same as Kang Gook, he want to prove it and step forward. Only to know that the spy in school report everything to his father. Rich dad obviously refuse to admit it and send him off to England.

Review Where Your Eyes Linger

Get your hearts ready for

Like any other real love, it is able to withstand anything.

Review Where Your Eyes Linger

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