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Who Rules the World is a historical drama that combines the imperial court as well as wuxia, the martial arts world. Adapted from a novel by Qing Ling Yue, the story unfolds when the two legends in the Wuxia world is seen in public.

No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Historical, Action, Romance, Wuxia, War
Native title: 且试天下
Original network: Tencent Video

Hei Feng Xi (Yang Yang) and Bai Feng Xi (Rosy Zhao Lu Si) are unrivalled heroes and unbeatable in the world. Living in the times where China is spilt into 6 countries and ruled under different royal families. All 6 rulers signed a pact to remain peace but there are emerging 2nd generations who desire more power.

Overall, this highly anticipated drama did not disappoint me. Both Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si are popular and reputable actors in the industry which sparks my interest initially when the cast line up was announced. 

Not the biggest fan of xianxia which makes wuxia even more captivating to me. The story build up across all 40 episodes pace well but still leave you hanging at the end of each episode. 

Ratings: 4.5/5 

Character chart

Who Rules The World Character Chart

Legends and their hidden identities

Who Rules The World Jiang Hu

Hei Feng Xi 【黑丰息】is known more than just a good fighter, he is well known to be clever and scheming as well. On the other hand Bai Feng Xi 【白风夕】is a total opposite of Hei Feng Xi, she is brave and courages but often lend her helping hand without thinking of the consequences.

Both of them met a few times and Hei Feng Xi is always there to rescue Bai Feng Xi whenever things got out of hands. His other identity is Feng Lan Xi 【丰兰息】, the 2nd prince of the ‘You’ 幽 country. Feng Lan Xi is a prince with long term illness and lives outside the palace in the deep forest to nurse his health.

He display no sort of desire and capability to succeed the throne and therefore pose no threat to his other two brothers.

Who Rules The World Zhao Lu Si

Bai Feng Xi also has another identity which will be revealed in the much later part of the drama.

The token

Whoever posses the token will be the dominating country that rules over the other 5 kings. The pact that was made by their parents’ generation to keep peace became rocky and the token is the most chase-after across humankind.

Who Rules The World 2nd Prince

In order to track down and protect it, Bai Feng Xi tag along Feng Lan Xi to help the internal corruption of You for a while before heading back to her own place. Of course, the only person who can get close to Feng Lan Xi and even get into his heart is Bai Feng Xi.

Day in day out, seeing each other, both of them develop deeper feelings. Feng Lan Xi is the most eligible bachelor in the country and after revealing to the world that he is not ill and weak, but a smart and capable leader, more women wants him.

Seeing Bai Feng Xi with him in such a close proximity spark more jealously and sabotage between them. Bai Feng Xi was later to be revealed her real identity is the princess of Qing【青】and have to get back to protect her family when other countries are targeting them.

What will happen to them and will their marriage be approve and bless by both countries?

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