Review: Who Wants A Baby?

Who Wants a Baby TVB Drama

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Family, Kids

Top 3 highest rating TVB drama in 2018.

Not in the list of my most anticipated drama in 2018, and I was not expecting it to be this good. I guess the approach of the scriptwriter really drill down to the real life (down-to-earth) and the cast such as Ali and Lai Lok Yi really portray it well.

The story

It all begins with the unexpected pregnancy of the “YOLO” couple who stays in the a studio apartment and enjoy traveling and living their life to the fullest.

Elvis Yip (acted by Lai Lok Yi) and Ellen Tong (acted by Ali Lee) did not have any plans to introduce a baby into their comfortable free live. Upon receiving the news, they pin their hope that their parents will be able to support them to raise their daughter.

The sacrifices

Being in the fashion industry, Ellen is a career woman who is always available whenever the boss calls. She will go on diet just to fit in the latest fashion apparels and will even spend money to look and appear fashionable.

After she knows that she is pregnant, the fast moving fashion industry can no longer accommodate her. People starts to feel that she will drag everyone else down in the company.

Start-up life

After Ellen realize that she can rely on no one except herself, she went on to study and research on how to be a mom. She want to be the best mom to her future daughter.

Signing up for a class in a care agency turns out to be hers. The owner wants to sell out the care agency and she saw the opportunity to run a business on her own. Seeing herself increasing the passion of the industry, she gave it a shot.

Fights of the mother and in-laws

First grandchild is always the most precious thing to all grandparents. After Ellen gave birth to Wan Zhu, both her mom and her mother in-law is constantly fighting for the ownership of their granddaughter.

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Elvis and Ellen both have their separately opinion about who is the best guardian and therefore the drama happens.

Husband, supportive or not?

Being a new dad is equally stressful.

They have to work full time while dealing with the unpredictable mood of the other half, worries of not earn enough for the additional family member, need to learn how to change diapers and share that responsibility.

Elvis always dream of owning his own bar, however, he always plays the nice guy card and got played by his partner.

Working in a bar means that he have to work past midnight daily, always home with alcohol and cigarette smell which pissed Ellen off. Watch the drama to see how the couple managed to pull through it.

If you are interested to understand more about the new parents’ stand point, this is the best drama to catch.

End up, this drama is one of my top 8 favorite TVB drama in 2018.

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