Review: Why Women Love

Why Women Love Cdrama 2022

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Native title: 不会恋爱的我们
Original network: Youku

Why Women Love Drama Poster 4

The drama started when Gu Jia Xin’s mother asked Zhao Jiang Yue (Gina Jin Cheng) to train her son who is going to be the future successor of the tech company. Zhao Jiang Yue is a strong independent woman who heads a team that launch a software to encourage dating, yet she is single.

Gu Jia Xin (Boogie Wang Zi Yi) became her personal assistant and vow to help her fall in love within 3 months in exchange for his freedom to pursue racing.

Overall, it is a nice rom-com to watch. The storyline build up and pace well. The other 2 couple love line apart from the main couple is strong enough and highlight other typical real couples' problem. 

Rating: 4/5 

3 months pact

Gu Jia Xin’s real identity is only made know to Jiang Yue and the rest of the company only know him as a new secretary to their branch’s biggest director. Jiang Yue did not care about his childishness and no heart at work.

Why Women Love Beginning

Leading the company that believe in love and relationship, build a mobile application to encourage new users to match them with the right one, Love Note. However, netizen question her being single and Jiang Yue vow to be attached after 3 months.

Vise versa

In order to achieve his dream to be back on the racing track, Jia Xin have to obey Jiang Yue at work. To escape the boring routine, Jia Xin spotted the loop hole and offer Jiang Yue help to get her off the market in return for his freedom.

Why Women Love Mentoring

The pair starts to interact even more on a daily basic and Jia Xin start to develop feelings for her. Knowing that it is even harder to woo her due to their age gap and market’s stereotype of older woman dating young man.

Competitor alliance

Li Yan Ran (Yakisa Peng Ya Qi) flew back for Jia Xin, she is known and declare her love towards him since they were young. She notice a new threat that appear which Jia Xin is very mindful of.

Why Women Love Xu Ning Yuan

Jiang Yue on the other end has one-sided crush on her first mentor at work, Xu Ning Yuan (Liang Da Wei) is a charismatic CEO of another company. When he finally put down his past relationship and ready to start on a new one, he knew it will be Jiang Yue based on their compatibility. Business partnership allows them to reconnect, but Xu Ning Yuan realised he is not the only person that has love interest towards Jiang Yue.

Yan Ran, a bubbly young girl notice Xu Ning Yuan and her goals align. She approach him to join forces and court each other’s love.

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