Review: Wonder Women


No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family

Native title: 多功能老婆
Original network: TVB

The drama is about a woman not giving up on her life even if the marriage and her husband fail her. Raising the kid on her own and using her own skills, she manages to create her own second life, a second chance. Through the means, she found another love of her own.

DISCLAIMER: The following content does include spoilers if you want to find out more and not read spoilers, check out my first impression here


Overnight broken family

Seung Gim Hung (Raymond Wong) and Lan Fei (Miriam Yeung) have a son and they are a blissful family of three. Gim Hung is a capable man in the workforce and recognized in the industry as well, therefore many opposite attracts.

One meal with Gim Hung’s boss, Lan Fei accidentally spill the beans of his personal trades and there goes his career. To clinch a deal and make more money, he flew to Beijing and join force with a woman, ditching his family in Hong Kong.

Oppa move in

To earn a leaving and support the family, Lan Fei resort to sub-renting out the rooms. Wing Ho Tin aka Oppa (Pakho) rented the master bedroom to spy on his ex in the opposite building.

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After living together for sometime, things start to get better and together with Lan Fei’s best friends, Man Fung Wah (Alice Chan) and Ma Si Leui (Rebecca Zhu), they help her gain confidence and forget about the unfaithful ex.


After confirming the failed marriage, Lan Fei met her career muse the supermarket chain boss that creates an opportunity for her not only in the Hong Kong market. With his help and also Lan Fei’s friends, they push her to a bigger stage in Beijing.

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Career Woman born

After Gim Hung earned his bucket of gold and was ditched by the rich woman, he went back to Hong Kong and want to get back with his ex-family. By then, Lan Fei has accepted Ho Tin.

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Lan Fei has a good career that is helping her to go up higher and she no longer cares about being devoted to only one man and just go for what her heart tells her.

Many things happened that made Ho Tin grew up (mentally) and he decide to follow his dad’s wish to further his studies in Medicine in UK. Mature relationship, they agree to spend the last day together well and hope for the very best for each other.

6 years past and they are still in love.

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Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔

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