Review: You Are My Destiny


No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Native Title: 你是我的命中注定
Original network: Tencent Video

The drama is a remake version from the OG (original) Taiwan version and subsequently we have the South Korean version as well as Japan version. Fated to Love You, You are My Destiny are the common title used.

The drama begins when two very different people accidentally spent a night together and got pregnant. Wang Xi Yi (Xing Zhao Lin) is a CEO of Cheng Jie who produce soap as their core product. Chen Jia Xin (Liang Jie) is a plain jane that people like to use as a minion but quickly forget her existence.

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Both of them bring their respective partner on board the cruise in hopes to spend a good and romantic vacation. However, Xi Yi’s ballerina girlfriend Shi Anna (Jinna) left the cruise after being offered the role as the Odette in Europe, her dream stage. Proposal plan spoiled and chance upon Jia Xin who helped him retrieve his almost lost ring.

Jia Xin’s then boyfriend Gu Chi flirt with another woman on board and even bring her to their room. Xi Yi saw it and help her took revenge.

To celebrate it, they signed on a marriage license thinking it is fake and party. Waking up side by side and knew something happened.

Married in Brahmas and pregnant

Knowing that the child is not blessed and unwanted by the father, Jia Xin decide to abort it before he find out. Xi Yi found out and stopped before it happens.

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They really got married legally in China and held a last minute wedding in Jia Xin’s hometown village. Even though there is no love, they decided to be responsible. Xi Yi immediately got his lawyer to produce a divorce agreement and made her sign after that.

Married life

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Nothing is smooth to Jia Xin apart from the supportive grandmother Wang Zhen Zhu (Leanne Liu) at home. Slowly she also win the hearts of Xi Yi’s aunty and cousin. To create more opportunities for Jia Xin and Xi Yi, Grandmother Wang appoint Jia Xin as her secretary and any executive decision made by the company must go through her.

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Xi Yi slowly fell for her but still hide everything from Anna who is abroad. Being a jerk for the longest time, Xi Yi decide to break it off with Anna face-to-face when she is back.

Falling in love

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Xi Yi gave Jia Xin courage to love. He injected confidence and they agree to enjoy every day, hakuna matata. Everything seems perfect, their love life and how they are standing together and wait for their baby’s arrival.


After Anna returned to China, Xi Yi told her everything and broke up with her. The jerk finally do something right but he created a scheme person. Anna couldn’t let go of him and want to turn the table around.

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She swapped the legal document that Xi Yi originally want to give Jia Xin into an abortion agreement. Cause the crack in their relationship thinking that Xi Yi ultimately wants Anna and willing to let go of Jia Xin and the baby.

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They lost their baby. Jia Xin lose everything and decide to leave the country.

Three years

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After Jia Xin left, Xi Yi spent his days and night crying and regretting. Bury himself with work and try to accept Anna who he accidentally injure. Still miss Jia Xin and trying to find out where she is, he is suffering alone.

A business trip, Elaine’s art piece connects them together. After Jia Xin left, she became Elaine who is a confident artist. He bought her first art piece without knowing who the creator was, later found out is her. He uses ‘Mr W’ to talk to her through messages which brings her comfort.

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Not suffering alone

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Knowing that letting her go is the only way she will not think of the sad memory of their lost child. Even though Xi Yi really love her, he decide to let her go. This scene really broke viewers’ heart, seeing him trembling but forcing to make the right decision.

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Re-reading your journal and realized Xi Yi has continue the pages, seeing that he suffers equally after they lost their child. Flipping through the pages…

Everyone knew they will get back together but the journey is one we can laugh with, spam honey with and cry with.

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Hope to see more of Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie’s drama. The chemistry here is insanely good!