Review: You Are So Sweet

You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Showbiz, Romance, Business

Native title: 你听起来很甜
Original network: Youku

The drama sets in the Chinese dubbing industry, a rookie average girl Xia Xiao Ning (Amy Sun Yi Ning) inspires to be a professional voice actress. She idolized a mysterious yet famous voice actor Mo Bu Yu for years. Xiao Ning was hired into Pineapple FM as the CEO Gu Chen Yu’s (Eden Zhao Zhi Wei) assistant after she failed to clinch a role in the upcoming project.

Xiao Ning meeting her idol Mo Bu Yu up close. You Are So Sweet
Xiao Ning meeting her idol Mo Bu Yu up close. You Are So Sweet

CEO’s assistant

Xia Xiao Ning is an average girl that is working hard to be a voice actress. Audition for multiple roles, multiple times but no luck as people don’t see her talent. She was hired to be an assistant to Gu Chen Yu by his right hand He Yan Ran (Ding Xiao Ying).

Gu Chen Yu's new assistant. You Are So Sweet.
Gu Chen Yu’s new assistant. You Are So Sweet.

Chen Yu identified Xiao Ning as his fan but did not reveal his voice actor identity to her. Slowly he was attracted to her and started to show more care and concern.


Xia Xiao Ning gave Chen Yu’s nemesis and closest friend Xie Fei (Li Xiang Zhe) a wrong signal. The high profile Head of PR and Relations went high profile to court Xiao Ning. Both guys start their courtship to woo Xiao Ning but were both failed as she only cares about her idol, Mo Bu Yu.

Chance of meeting her idol came through, turns out Mo Bu Yu is Gu Chen Yu. Xiao Ning was stunned by the sudden confession from her idol, she rejected him before he could reveal himself. She confessed that she likes Gu Chen Yu and Mo Bu Yu is just her idol.

You Are So Sweet
You Are So Sweet


After they confirmed their feelings, Chen Yu and Xiao Ning started their underground relationship. He Yan Ran grew up with Chen Yu after his parents adopted her. She grew up trying to be the perfect partner for him.

You Are So Sweet
You Are So Sweet

Yan Ran found out their relationship and start to do multiple sabotage to break their relationship and tarnish Xiao Ning’s reputation when she is preparing for her debut as a voice actress.

Will Xiao Ning successfully debut as a voice actress? How will Chen Yu help her to save her reputation.

It is a light hearted romance drama for those who are interested to know more about the dubbing industry.

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