Review: You can be an angel too S3

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No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Medical

Original network: Channel 8

Really love medical drama and this is one of the local dramas that I’ve enjoyed since the first series. Aired from Oct 2018.

This is the most love series apart from C.L.I.F. therefore, this is the third season that they produced. Even though the cast did shift quite a fair bit from season to season, we do have a fixed member, Zoe Tay (our Local Queen) and the stories are all revolving around nursing.

Quote that I love the most from the drama

The butterfly counts not months but moments

Seize every moment in life. Life is full of unpredictable moments.


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(from left to right) Desmond Tan, Paige Chua, Zoe Tay and Pierre Png

Wang Ruojun (acted by Zoe Tay) is the key person that is in the entire series, her husband Ah Mu (acted by Thomas Ong) only made a cameo appearance in the 3rd series. For their love story, check out the 2nd series.

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Carrie Wong as Jin Siyan. Picture: Toggle.

Jin Siyan (acted by Carrie Wong) is the other role that appeared earlier. She joined the series in Season 2 as an intern that just started her nursing career and in Season 3, she is excelling in her role and switch to another department where she met Sunny Xia.

New cast in the series

Sibling team Sunny Xia Yaoyang (acted by Desmond Tan) and Rainy Xia Yutian (acted by Paige Chua) is a newly added cast, both are nurses. Together with their auntie, Lilian (acted by Aileen Tan) which return to the nursing industry after exiting for a few years.

Fang Yuanbin (acted by Pierre Png) leads the Community Care Team (CCT) which this season focus more on.


From my memory, I do like the third season most. The Ai De Hospital that shot it is an actual hospital in Jurong East (West of Singapore) which does looks like a resort from outside.

The third season showcase more of what is the CCT department and the role and challenges that CCT’s nurses face. Interesting how they end off with the outbreak of a flu virus.

The love-line between Siyan and Sunny, Yuanbin and Rainy are really adorable and you can definitely feel cringe at certain moments (especially Siyan and Sunny).

Interesting behind-the-scenes

To fully understand and learn how to perform well as a nurse, the cast undergoes training from the professionals prior to filming. Source (1)

Trailer (teaser)

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

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