Review: Yumi’s Cells 2

Yumi 039 S Cells 2 Drama Poster 5 Feature

No. of episodes: 14
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Life
Native Title: 유미의 세포들 2
Original network: TVING

Sequel from Yumi’s Cells (2021), the second season begins after Yumi (Kim Go Eun) broke up with Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) and begin her new life. Working in the marketing department and pursue writing after Yoo Babi (GOT7’s Park Jin Young) encourage and recognise her potential.

Not here to be bias, but I totally get it and understands when the director of Yumi's Cells says that season 2 is about Yoo Babi's charm. 

Overall, it is an upgraded version from season one with the 1/3 animation and voice actors lifted it up. Seeing the growth from Yumi and also how REAL her relationship with Yoo Babi and when her ex came back.  

Ratings: 4/5 


Yumi 039 S Cells 2 Break Up After Effects

Embark on her new journey in the most desirable department in DaehanGuksu (Daehan Noodle), Marketing as an assistant manager based on her excellent copywriting skills. Yumi’s love life might been bad but seeing how she cope the breakup as an adult is so relatable and real.

The end of something might be a beginning of a new and better chapter. Yoo Babi’s encouragement helps to revive Yumi’s writer cell. Even though she recovers from the breakup, Yumi’s love cell is still in the coma state and the rest just helps to function.

Babi’s Fan Club

Yumi 039 S Cells 2 Babi Fan Club

Even without Love Cell, the other cells in the village are swoon by Babi’s charm. There’s scene where there is market within the village with multiple fan clubs, it can be anything and everything that Yumi is interested in, likes or love.

Working day in and out, living in the same neighbourhood, Yumi slowly discover more about Babi and Sensitive cell leads the conversation and the idea of dating again.

Yumi 039 S Cells 2 Babi Confess

Seeing Yumi let go of her ex and slowly falling for her, Babi felt like it is the right time to confess. A bold move, but definitely a turning point for both of them.

Dating Yoo Babi

They started underground relationship to avoid gossips within the company and since it is the beginning of their relationship, it just make sense to keep it from others and just enjoy the honeymoon period.

Yumi 039 S Cells 2 Started Dating Yoo Babi

Babi knew right from the start that Yumi is interested in books, reading interesting and good novels and had a childhood dream of being a writer. He brought her to a place that suits her and encourage her to pursue her dream. Playing a really crucial and supportive role in Yumi’s turning point.

Parents involvement

Yumi 039 S Cells 2 Babi And Yumi 039 S Father
Yumi 039 S Cells 2 Yumi Meet Babi 039 S Father

Another thing I love about season 2, the influence of the couple’s parents that will impact their relationship. Season 1 only shows the passionate love between Yumi and Gu Woong, what happens when he have a friend that has a one-sided crush on him.

Even though we have Yoo Da Eun (Shin Ye Eun), a bubbly intern from Jeju’s office that has a crush on Yoo Babi, there are more to that. Yumi’s parents only made a brief appearance in the first season, but have more scenes in the sequel to show how much love she is being showered. We also see how nervous and desire to impress her future in-laws side of Yumi.

You might already know, this drama’s version of happy ending is not “Babi and Yumi lives happily ever after” but how maturely they handled their relationship and know when to call quits without hard feelings.

Do you like this kind of drama?

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