Ruco Chan is blooming with 2 TVB dramas in September

Ruco Chan In 2 Tvb Dramas

For those who are a loyal TVB drama fan, there isn’t a need to introduce Ruco Chan to you. But for those who are new here, Ruco Chan is a TVB artist who gain his fame (in my opinion) through drama A Fist Within Four Walls (2016).

The action drama shows his ability to take up more physically demanding roles and display his versatility in acting. During 2022 to 2021, there are almost zero projects launch despite his consistent effort at work, nonstop filming.

Thankfully in 2022, TVB is ramping up and releasing their backlog dramas starring him and many more actors. Starting with The Righteous Fists and the recently ended Childhood in a Capsule. There are 2 more upcoming dramas that will be premiering on the same day lead by Ruco himself.

I’ve Got The Power

I 039 Ve Got The Power Tvb 2022 Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Native title: 超能使者
Original network: TVB

This drama concluded it filming almost 2 years ago during the beginning of pandemic. Starring Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, Natalie Tong, Tiffany Lau, Grace Wong, Alex Lam, and more.

The story is about 5 individuals who possess supernatural powers which they did not have before. Leveraging on their powers to seek justices in the every day life.

Against Darkness

Against Darkness 2022 Tvb Drama

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Police, Investigation, Mystery
Native title: 黯夜守护者
Original network: TVB

Starring Ruco Chan, pairing up with Alice Chan, Sharon Chan, Kaman Kong, Brian Tse, Joseph Lee and more. This drama is set in the darkness that lurks in the corners of a buzzing city. The law enforcers will guard their city at night in their own way.

Both drama is set to premiere on 5 September 2022, every Monday to Friday. I’ve Got The Power will take up the 8:30PM slot while Against Darkness will be taking the 9:30PM slot.

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