School 2021 release still cut of Kim Yo Han and Jo Yi Hyun

School 2021 Jo Yi Hyun And Kim Yo Han

After going through multiple hurdles and changing the cast and even from School 2020 to School 2021, the drama is finally coming to a reality. KBS release photos of the script reading as well as still cuts prior to the premiere.

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: School, Youth, Romance
Native Title: 학교 2021
Original network: KBS

Starring Kim Yo Han, Jo Yi Hyun, Choo Young Woo, Hwang Bo Reum Beyol and even veteran actor Park In Hwan.

School 2021 is set in a specialised high school with students working hard to pursue their dreams and ideal job instead of heading to university.

Gong Ki Joon (Kim Yo Han) is a hardworking individual that lost his dream of pursuing taekwondo as a career after an accident. Losing a big piece of him, he is lost and unsure of what’s next for him.

Ki Joon is somehow connected to Jeong Young Joo (Choo Young Woo), a newly transferred student with an untold story. Jin Ji Won (Jo Yi Hyun) is a young lady with clear thoughts and goals she wants to achieve. Her given confidence allows her to communicate her ideas and thoughts out loud with her biggest conflict is university. Kang Seo Young (Hwang Bo Reum Byeol) is a smart and hardworking student who has a clear aim to enter one of the Top 5 Universities in South Korea.

Leading them, their homeroom teacher Lee Kang Hoon (Jun uk Ho) is someone who values work-life balance. However, after growing together with his students, perception starts to shift.

About the cast

This is by right the first drama for Kim Yo Han, but after several delays his drama A Love So Beautiful came out before that. Still acting as a high school student, but this time round, Ki Joon shares more similarity with Kim Yo Han who did struggles between Taekwondo and Idol in life.

Choo Young Woo is a new actor that made his debut through a web drama You Make Me Dance. He was in the recently ended KBS drama Police University as Park Min Kyu, ace in the class who has a crush on Oh Kang Kee played by Krystal Jung.

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