Sentimental present for the 100th episode on Master in the House

Master In The House 100

2 years running variety show, Master in the House fixed cast meet different master every 1-2 episodes to learn from him/her.

On episode 100 and 101, they meet the legendary couple in the film making industry, Director Jang Joon Hwan and Actress Moon So Ri.

Last minute idea of holding the Master in the House Film Ceremony and each member have to produce a short film for the “event”. To everyone’s surprise, Director Jang made a short film with cut ever since the start as a gift for the members.

Episode 101 is the final episode with only the initial four members to conclude 2019. The next episode, we will have the newest addition to the Sang-Seung-Hyung-Jae and form Shin-Sang-Seung-Hyung-Jae.

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