SPOILER: The queen is back on ‘Mystic Pop Up Bar’ and face off with Wol Joo

Mystic Pop Up Bar turning point Mystic Pop Up Bar turning point

2 more to hit the 100,000 souls and Wol Joo can finally get reincarnation after paying back her sin. However, the chance to reincarnation is not the main purpose she commit to payback. Afterlife she realized that she killed 2 life, the holy tree and her unborn baby.

Spoiler The Queen Is Back On 039 Mystic Pop Up Bar 039 And Face Off With Wol Joo

Signing a contract to forfeit the chance to get reincarnation just so that she can cure Han Kang Bae (Yuk Sung Jae).

On the latest episode of Mystic Pop Up Bar, the queen (Park Eun Hye) is back in the modern world as a human. After an accident, her memories from past life resurfaced and she felt bad for separating the Crown Prince and Wol Joo (Hwang Jung Eum).


The longest debate of who is the Crown Prince is circulating between Chief Gwi (Choi Won Young) and Han Kang Bae. We finally have the answer but it opens to another mystery which is the cursed unborn.

Spoiler The Queen Is Back On 039 Mystic Pop Up Bar 039 And Face Off With Wol Joo

The Queen wanted to let Wol Joo know that Chief Gwi is the man she love and he is the Crown Prince that stood by her side and did not life happily even after she committed suicide 500 years ago. Lured Wol Joo in her dream world but Chief Gwi dragged her out.

Even though she did not see the truth, the ending of episodes 10 seems like she has thread up all the connectors. What she did not know, Chief Gwi negotiate with the God of Underworld (Yeon Hye Ran) to be in her place to go hell after 100,000.

Excited for the finale next week? Cause, I am!

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