Thailand remake of Boys Over Flowers released a teaser

Thailand F4 - Boys Over Flowers

If you have not yet get over the F4 craze, here’s a piece of good news we will be having a Thailand version of Boys Over Flower / Hana Yori Dango up in 2021. GMM 25 announced the remake of the classic drama that was adapted from selling comic books with the teaser and drama poster.

The drama is about Gorya (Tu) who is accepted into a prestigious high school attend only be the wealthiest and richest person in Thailand. Gorya was enrolled in the school to fill in the gap of rich and poor, she comes from a humble family that is nowhere near ‘rich’.

The school revolves around four individuals that formed a clique called F4 with Thyme (Bright) as the leader, Kavin (Win), M.J. (Nani), and Ren (Dew). Everything begins when Gorya fights back the badass Thyme the school bully. And this bully developed feelings for her and the courtship begins.

Check out the teaser here

For those who are new and want to find out more about the drama, it was initially a Japanese comic book and animation that was remake into a drama in Taiwan, Meteor Garden. Slowly we have the Japanese version Hana Yori Dango and the South Korea version Boys Over Flowers. The latest adaptation is a Chinese version of Meteor Garden available on Netflix as well.

Which version is your favorite for fans out there?

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