The Heavenly Idol

Adapted from a web novel Holy Idol by Sin Hwa Jin. The fantasy drama begins when Pontifex Rembrary found himself in the body of a washed-off idol Woo Yeon Woo and wanted to go back to his world to continue the fight against the devil.

Kim Dal was saved by Woo Yeon Woo at her darkest moment, now, she became the manager of Wild Animals and aid Yeon Woo/ Rembrary to hit the goals in order to return home.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Showbiz, Mystery
Native title: 성스러운 아이돌
Original network: tvN

Premiere: 15 Feb 2023



Kim Min Gue

Pontifex Rembrary,
Woo Yeon Woo

Go Bo Gyeol

Kim Dal

Lee Jang Woo

Shin Jo Woon, The Devil

Ye Ji Won

Ye Ji Won

Lim Sun Ja

Tak Jae Hoon

Seon Woo Sil

Park Sang Nam

Sa Gam Jae

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