The Queen of News releases more still cuts from the drama

The Queen Of News Cast

The drama is currently in production since March 2023 with an A-list cast including Charmaine Seah, Kenneth Ma, Selena Lee, and more.

No. of episodes: 26
Genre: Showbiz
Native title: NEWS新聞女王
Original network: Youku, TVB

The drama is set in the newsroom with the highest ratings, SNK News, and fierce competition between the staff and newscasters. Spilt into 2 teams, one led by veteran newscaster Man Wai Sum aka Man Jie (Charmaine Seah), and the other team led by George Leung Ging Yan (Kenneth Ma).

Cathy Heui Si Ching (Samantha Ko), Cheung Ka Yin (Selena Lee), and Cheui Hiu Mei (Regina Ho) are responsible for morning, noon, and night time news respectively. All three of them are very ambitious to move up the career lather and show no mercy to their competitors by using others as their stepping stones.

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