The real A3 in Extraordinary you


Firstly, I need to say, the claim of “real A3” is to me. The self aware three characters that bonded so well in the comic world of “Secret”. Decided to dedicate a post just for them. I will also include moments that just for Do Hwa and Dan Oh, since I really like their friendship and also the first two characters that realize and became self aware.

The original A3 in the comic “Secret” consist of the male lead, Oh Nam Joo, the support role Do Hwa and Dan Oh’s fiance Baek Kyung. But we are not going to talk about them here.

Instead, here are some moments that I love love love (my ideal A3).

Do Hwa is afraid that Dan Oh is being too honest

During their first summer camp together, Dan Oh is cursing at the writer for being cruel and Do Hwa was still not used to the shadow him.

The Real A3 In Extraordinary You

Best friends judging others together

This is classic, judging the cheesy lines that the writer plot for the leads.

The Real A3 In Extraordinary You

And friend that judge you too

This is really cute, when Do Hwa trying to catch up on the story that happened.

The Real A3 In Extraordinary You

Meeting your best friend’s crush for the first time

The duo finally met their third friend which is also Dan Oh’s crush, Haru (who was Number 13 back then.)

The Real A3 In Extraordinary You

Moral supporting Do Hwa

Inspired by Dan Oh’s determination to change her fate in the comic world, Do Hwa also want to change his fate and confess to Juda multiple times which obviously she won’t remember when the page flips.

The Real A3 In Extraordinary You

Haru is jealous

*REPEAT MODE* Do Hwa was injured after the writer scripted Nam Joo to hit him in the face. During shadow, his two best friends when over to console him. Just when Dan Oh want to take a closer look at his wound, Haru smash a few keys on the piano to stop it.

The Real A3 In Extraordinary YouThe Real A3 In Extraordinary You

Freaking excited to have Haru back

I just love how much that are excited to see their friend back.

The Real A3 In Extraordinary YouThe Real A3 In Extraordinary You

Who’s excited to see this trio back together more after Haru is self aware!

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  1. Do yall know what episode where Do Hwa and Dan Oh is shading the A3 triangle walk?? Huhu cant find it

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