The reasons why you should not miss – Imitation

Imitation Webtoon

If you click in to read, you must be curious why you should watch this Korean Drama. For those who love the evergrowing K-pop industry, this drama is the right one for you as the main characters are living and breathing the daily life of what’s like to be in.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Idol, Romance, Comedy, Music, Showbiz, Friendship
Native title: 이미테이션
Original network: KBS, iQiyi

Adapted from hit webtoon

Imitation Webtoon
Imitation – Webtoon

The webtoon of the same name was released in 2014 and reach over 4.4 million subscribers, created by Park Kyung Ran.

New fiction Kpop groups

Imitation - Fiction Kpop Groups. Tea Party, SHAX and Sparkling.
Imitation – Fiction Kpop Groups. Tea Party, SHAX and Sparkling.

Definitely, one of the highlights, actors and real Kpop idols are grouped together to form 3 main groups for the drama. SHAX, Tea Party, and Sparkling, all in different stages of the idol path.

YAY to more songs and performances. Tea Party even have a stage on Music Bank

Team idols

There are many idols cast in this drama (i mean the nature of it makes sense for them to be in).


Four members from ATEEZ are cast in the same drama. Jeong Yun Ho is the second lead of the drama as Yoo Jin in Sparkling.


Hwiyoung is a fixed cast as SHAX member but Chani make cameo as a former member of SHAX.

Not only rainbows and butterflies

We know that behind all the glamorous appearance, there are many hardships and countless reality checks. In this drama, we are able to see the struggles behind the cameras.

Trainees Reality check

This drama did many reality checks, the first one out of the bag is the reality of trainees and entertainment companies. From the conditions of different entertainment companies to the rare chance to make its debut.

Imitation Reality Entertainmentcompany Conditions
Reality check. Imitation

Only 0.1% of the trainees get to make their debut.

Obsessive fans

Imitation Popularity Comes With A Price Tag
Idols have to apologize for things that aren’t in favor to their fans. Imitation

Even when you make it big, it is hard to maintain it. SHAX is a popular male Kpop group with a strong fan club, fins. Once they caught any member attempt or looks like they are dating, they start to go on protest to boycott them. All the members have to visit the president of the fan club to apologize to them and promise that there is no such thing.

Hierarchy and system

Imitation Hierachy To Get Slots
Ji Hak trying to get slots from music programs to debut Tea Party. Imitation

A give and take, not all entertainment companies are of equal status and receive the same treatment when it comes to getting exposure or slots for their artists. Starting is always really tough and it is just the beginning.

Function differently

Not always rainbows and butterflies. In the drama, you will see how three different idol groups are like on a personal level. Tea Party members are really close since they are sticking by each other through the toughest time.

Imitation Sparkling Conflicts
Internal conflict within Sparkling. Imitation

Favor by the company and changing of center cause Hyun Oh to get jealous of Yun Ho. Even during trainee days, he might not be the closest friend to pair up and debut with. It will be good if they work things out, but not all of such cases have happily ever after.

Are you interested to start now? You can binge watch it on iQiyi

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