5 times Jung Hyuk and Se Ri makes my heart skipped a beat in “Crash Landing on You”

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This is the drama that really makes my heart goes “awwww” every single episode and since the first 2 episodes, I am super determine and sure that I will love this drama.

#1 “She’s my fiancee” (in episode 3)

When he borrow the car from the highest ranked officials and speed all the way to the village to save her. To savage the situation, Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) became his fiance that has a special identity from District 11 (the unspoken code in the North).

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#2 Parting gift – tomato plant

Before her departure back to the South, Se Ri prepare certificates to the other soldiers that took care of her and gave this little tomato plant to Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) as a form of gratitude. However, she used his products to exchange for this plant.

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#3 Back up plan – react Kdrama scene

The suddenly navy inspection spoiled the plan for the journey back South. In order to save their own life, Jung Hyuk came up with the plan that is used in all the Kdrama. Proven effective, but she lost a ticket back home.

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#4 When he waited outside

To repay him, Se Ri found out that there is a way to help Jung Hyuk get a promotion and she went to please the wife of the official. Jung Hyuk smiled a little and pace outside the house waiting for her.

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#5 Escape plan went wrong in episode 4

Se Ri was desperate to go home after the failed trip, the radio triggered the officials to pin down her location. Jung Hyuk came in time to savage her bad plan but not enough time to escape. He cling on to her and jump off the cliff to save their lives once again.

5 Times Jung Hyuk And Se Ri Makes My Heart Skipped A Beat In Quot Crash Landing On You Quot
5 Times Jung Hyuk And Se Ri Makes My Heart Skipped A Beat In Quot Crash Landing On You Quot

Can’t wait for more to come!!!

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