Tongin Market, Seoul 통인시장

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Ever since I know there are such experience of exchanging notes to old coins for any food you want in the market, I’m set to add into my itinerary.

Honestly, someone lead me to the market so the route there is not clear to me. We took a bus there and some walking to reach the market.

Tongin Market in the afternoon after lunch hours. Credits: @blairlhx

I guess there are lesser tourist in the cold winter of January which explains the quiet market while I was there. For those who does not like the pushing and crowded places, this is actually a good experience where you can take your sweet time to walk around.

Change 5,000 won (S$6) for 10 coins and a bento box from this nice lady. Credits: @blairlhx

This is probably one of the cheapest meal I had while I was in Korea (exclude the convenient stores food) and some of the dishes were amazing.

Easy to locate the vendor, just walk along the main market street and you can spot them in the middle of the market. Sitting area to eat is located in level 2 and 3.

Our meal after walking the market. Credits: @blairlhx

If you want to try more, you can share the coins with your friends. Each item cost 2 coins and I would strongly recommend everyone to get the Kimchi pancakes, they are amazing!

Avoid the stirfry chicken, they are really cold, or perhaps they match up with the weather there. There are more food I want to try but run out of coins and I don’t think I can finish them.

You can use the coins for food if you see the A4 paper that states that they are part of the program (the red paper). Credits: @blairlhx

For more information, you can check out the tourism site here.