Top 10 dramas produced by tvN available on Netflix

10 tvN dramas on Netflix

Ever since I pick back up all K-dramas (Korean), tvN seems like the best channel that suits my palette. I can easily name 10 dramas that were produced by tvN which I really enjoyed and raved about ever since.

DISCLAIMER: The following titles are purely based on what I’ve watched before and not necessary include trending dramas that majority knows.

Without any order, since I love all of them.

#1 He is Psychometric (2019)

I have to include this drama that exceeds my expectations with the intensity and the handpicked cast. GOT7’s Jinyoung first lead role with web series famous (A-Teen) Shin Ye Eun. Joined by a strong team of veteran actors and actresses.

#2 Crash Landing on You (2020)

By far the drama that I really enjoyed this year. Always interested in stories told pre-during-post wars and the lives of people from different perspectives. Covering the idea of North-South Korea, romance that was suppose to be forbidden, the risk that involved up till the country level.

#3 Goblin (2016)

The drama that told me ‘bittersweet‘ love can be really sweet, sad and sorry but happy and blissful at the same time. No matter how many times I revisited the drama, I will tear at the final page. Laugh, cry and shocked throughout the drama.

#4 Hotel del Luna (2019)

The only horror drama that balance the other genre perfectly. Digging into another world, the afterlife and how it blends in the normal life that we can’t see with naked eyes. “It takes more courage to let go than to hold on” is the sentence that really hits me and stays.

#5 Because It’s My First Life (2017)

3 different types of couple highlight the issue that many might face day in day out. Contract marriage that leads to find true love might not be the fresh-esh content, but it is definitely bringing different taste to the plate.

#6 What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018)

If you love Rom-Com like me, you will enjoy this. Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young‘s chemistry is really good and lead the entire series well. The hidden seriousness made me feel like it made its way beyond a Rom-Com.

#7 Her Private Life (2019)

K-fans out there, here is the drama to shout out when people wonder why you are so crazy idolising and doing all sorts of support (but kept behind the ssaesang line) for your idols.

#8 Touch Your Heart (2019)

If you want more of the grim reaper and sunny couple (from Goblin), here is a full on one for you. Rom-Com built based on a legal firm as the background, cracking cases and learning how to put negative comments online behind you.

#9 Korean Odyssey (2017)

Pretty scary at first (like the first 10 mins really creep me out), but it is the series that sort of showing you the non-traditional side of Journey to the West, or the modern version of it.

#10 Memories of the Alhambra (2018)

Mind-blowing! Contact lens can one day became a AI game, a game that you might really lose your life in reality. The scary idea is how people can imagine the tomorrow technology now, both powerful and scary. Up till now, the melody leading to the thunder sound still gives me goosebumps.

tvN did manage to push quite a lot of its content up to Netflix and some are even labeled ‘Netflix Original’. The goods news is, good dramas can be watched globally.

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