Top 6 dramas from Jan – Mar 2019


One quarter of the year passed and here are some of the dramas I’ve completed these three months that worth mentioning again.

I am not limiting this list to only a country since there ain’t much good HK dramas during these 3 months and more on the Kdramas side.

1. Memories for the Alhambra

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Definitely the no. 1 for the first quarter of 2019. The story line gets viewers constantly thinking about “What’s next?” and how to excel in the game that they are in.

Genre: Gaming, Romance
Language: Korean

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2. Romance is a bonus book

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Another recent favorite that I’ve completed recently. If you are into books and always want to find out what is it like to produce a book/novel, this is the right drama.

The entire cast is adorable and love the chemistry that they have.

Genre: Romance
Language: Korean

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3. Love 020

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This is a major throwback drama that I only completed it in February. I would say this drama is really unrealistic love that people crave for and hence why this drama is a hit in Mainland China and fame quickly spread to other parts of the world.

Genre: Gaming, Romance
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

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4. Touch Your Heart

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Really touched my heart, they got their fame and love after acting as a couple in one of the most popular drama Goblin back in 2017 and viewers are eager to ship them back onscreen.

Undeniable chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na.

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Language: Korean

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5. Hello from the Other side

Image result for 阴错阳差

Love the ending, even though it is not the happy ending, but it sort-of wrote a way back in to the Chinese saying that Daughters are their fathers’ lover in the past life but the other way round.

They remake the “hell” we know and gave it a full upgrade to the modern times with advancement and place systems etc.

Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

6. Encounter

Image result for Encounter

I would say this is a romance drama which also feels like melodrama as well. This is a successful romance story that showcases two individuals able to fight against all odds and enjoy their happily ever after.

Genre: Romance, drama
Language: Korean

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