Top 6 Favourite TVB drama in 2019

hero - Top 6 Favourite TVB drama in 2019

Another year is coming to an end. Unlike the previous years, I am unable to select my top 8 due to the limited amount of dramas I’ve completed under this segment. 2019 is definitely not the best year for Hong Kong as a whole which affected the TV broadcasting plans as well.

For those who wants to find out more, here’s the list to 2017 and 2018.

Nevertheless, here are my top six favorite drama of the year.

#1 Big White Duel

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical, Romance, Politics
Native title: 白色強人

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Review: Big White Duel

Really the best TVB drama for the year, the long awaited medical drama ever since the On Call 36 Hours series. The drama is about the healthcare industry set in Ming Shing North Hospital. Dr Tong (Kenneth Ma) is a new Head of the Cardiology department who disagree on making their government hospital to a private hospital. The political opposite is lead by Dr Yeung (Roger Kwok) who believes that only change will help the hospital receive more funds and improve the quality.

#2 Our Unwinding Ethos

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Investigation, Crime
Native title: 十二傳說

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Legend, folklore are some of the stories that people till now still believe and debate on the existence. Some people use the folklore stories to mask their own crime and through this drama, the leads uncover the truth behind 11 different stories.

#3 The Offliners

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Gaming, Tech, Romance
Native title: 堅離地愛堅離地

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Unexpectedly nice drama that helped end of 2019. The drama help you to explore the world of IT-nerds and how millennial are trying to prove that technology can be stronger than bricks.

#4 Girlie Days

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Comedy, Family, Drama
Native title: 她她她的少女時代

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Nicely done drama that made me binge-watch it. There are couple of roles, e.g. Hazel (by Iris Lam) made a breakthrough. The story of how a dedicated mom met a crisis at 40 years old when she got a divorce and went out of job all together. How she overcome it and prove the female power.

#5 Barrack O’Karma

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror
Native title: 金宵大廈

Review: Barrack O’Karam

Not for the faint heart. I’ve tried binge-watch the drama because it is that good, but I realize how much I was sunk in the devastating romance which made my heart felt so heavy. Well-made drama however the content is really heavy.

The supernatural drama follows the stories of the residents living in the run-old building.

#6 The Man Who Kills Troubles

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Crime, School, Investigation, Triads
Native title: 解決師

Almost did not made it to the list due to the draggy-ness from episode 23 onward. Still, the concept of the drama is good.

The drama is about the career of a fixer. The fixer are usually hired by triad bosses to settle their problem which includes but not limited to assassinate. Ka King Chung (Vincent Wong) was framed for murdering a Chinese-Australian triad boss, as a fixer he is tired of the live. He fake his death and gave himself a new identity, went back to Hong Kong and became a secondary school teacher ‘O Sir’.

Agree? Above is my list of dramas that I’ve shortlisted from the 13 other TVB dramas that I’ve watched in 2019.

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