Top 8 Favourite TVB Dramas in 2017

2017 Favourite TVB Drama

Grew up watching TVB drama and pick up my 3rd language. Another year concluded and it is time to recap on the best Hong Kong drama that was aired in 2017.

Here are my top 10 favorite drama

#1 Legal Maverick

Legal Maverick (2017) TVB Drama poster
Legal Maverick (2017) TVB Drama poster

No. of episodes: 28
Genre: Legal, Investigation, Crime
Native title: 踩過界

The essence of the drama is the amount of potential the scriptwriters gave all the main characters. Each main characters have almost equal stage to shine in their own ways and build a strong friendship over the 28 episodes.

Hope Man Sun Hop (Vincent Wong) is a blind lawyer who build his reputation bit-by-bit and he met Gogo Kuk Yat Ha (Owen Cheung) a ex-policeman who broke his leg but still filled with passion for justices. Comes along the sexiest judge Never Wong (Ali Lee) and a gangster head Chiu Ching Mui aka Dino (Sisley Choi) that join the team.

This drama won the “Best Drama” in the TVB Star Awards Malaysia on 25 Nov 2017. The actors individually won their titles in Singapore’s StarHub TVB Awards on 21 Oct 2017.

#2 A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch

A General A Scholar And A Eunuch Tvb 2017 Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Time travel, Comedy, Romance
Native title: 超時空男臣

Constantly laughing throughout the drama, even though it is not the first drama that wrote about people travel through a time portal, but I still love it. Credits to the scriptwriter for that fresh concept of transporting such a combination to the future.

The General Yuan Chong Huan/ Wan Tai Kwan (Edwin Siu), the scholar Zuo Guang Dou/ Fung Yat Bo (Raymond Cho) and the eunuch Lee Siu Tung/ Li Jun Chong (Matthew Ho) time traveled into the future after being lost in the woodlands while finding the lost crown princess Sandy Wang Yi San (Grace Wong).

Even though the ending is not really brilliantly wrote and I felt that it ended abruptly, the main storyline and the constant lame jokes keep me going and loving. It was one of the highest rated drama series of 2017, watched by 1.73 million Hong Kong viewers.

#3 My Dearly Sinful Mind

(also known as Mind Hunter) 

Mind Hunter 2017 drama poster
Mind Hunter 2017 drama poster

No. of episodes:
Genre: Crime, Investigation, Thriller
Native title: 心理追兇

This is another big breakthrough for Grace Wong. Love how scary and double-face she pull off as Wong Hoi Ching that really scares me while I was watching. Reminds me of how scary Alpha A female can be.

While Chung Tai Yin (Kenneth Ma) and the pair of siblings Moon (Sisley Choi), Day (Matt Yeung) try to nab the killer.

The drama did not end well, but this is just a mentally draining drama that revolves solving cases using psychology approach. And also, the ending theme song “The Night You Leave, 你走的那個晚上 sang by Fred Cheung is amazing. Feel the pain that Chung Tai Yin going through in the drama, in the short 4.18 min.

#4 The Unholy Alliance

No. of episodes: 28
Genre: Action, Martial Arts
Native title: 同盟

Less focus on the main leads and more on the supporting role. Even though it was scripted in such a way that the main character Ko Tze Kit (Ruco Chan) and Naka Yuen Ching Yan (Nancy Wu) buildup is tremendous, but I feel the complicated feeling and mixed emotions Kent (Joel Chan) and Kate (Elaine Yiu) has is stronger and they express it well.

Joel and Elaine also got recognized by carrying their trophies home from the TVB Star Awards Malaysia as the Best Support Actor and Actress.

#5 The Exorcist’s Meter

The Exorcist 039 S Meter 2017 Tvb Drama Poster
The Exorcist’s Meter 2017 TVB drama poster

No. of episodes: 21
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Native title: 降魔的

Did not expect myself to get so drawn to this drama, especially this is literally writing about the “other” world. This drama is definitely not for the weak heart, or you have a “thing” with dolls. Just avoid at all nights, you still can catch it in the day.

Kuddos to the scriptwriter(s) for highlighting the Hong Kong taxi drivers’ culture using Kenneth Ma role as Ma Kwai and blend it with the Chinese “other” world imagination. Moon Lau (Pui Pui Na) and Hubert Wu (Shek Kam Dong)’s acting in the drama definitely leaves a stronger impression on me. Mandy Wong as Tze Yeuk portraying dual role also sums up the dram well

#6 My Ages Apart

My Ages Apart (2017) TVB Drama poster
My Ages Apart (2017) TVB Drama poster

No. of episodes: 50
Genre: Fantasy, Family, Drama, Comedy
Native title: 誇世代

This drama recently aired its final episode on the 12th Jan 2018. But I would still consider this as 2017 list of drama.

Main characters: Bobby Au (as Sung Chung Kei), Moses Chan (as Kwong Kong Sang), Louis Cheung (as Walking, Sheung Ho Mong), Ali Lee (as Paris Sheung Ho Yiu), Kristal Tin (as Ling Kit Yu).

Even though this is not the first drama that talks about soul switching, but I guess it is the ‘most-switched-souls’ drama. To a point that they lost me after episode 30-31, a total of 50 episodes. However, they still keep their random burst of comedy component on and off the drama.

#7 Provocateur

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Business, Crime, Thriller
Native title: 與諜同謀

Not the typical romantic drama, or rather the romance made up of probably only 10%. I remember loving the group of hackers that the Son formed to take revenge on his Dad. Another drama full of hate, smart and smarter people plot to steal trade secrets and crush one completely.

Main character: Gallen Lo (as Cheuk Kwan-lam), Fred Cheng (as Ringo), Ali Lee (as Rachel), Jacqueline Wong (as Mani)

Jacqueline won her “Best Supporting Actress” in Singapore’s StarHub TVB Awards, and this her first award to ‘recognize’ her acting.

#8 My Unfair Lady

My Unfair Lady 2017 Tvb Drama Poster
My Unfair Lady (2017) TVB Drama poster

No. of episodes: 28
Genre: Business, Romance
Native title: 不懂撒嬌的女人

The first comeback role that Jessica Hsuan took on after a long hiatus, and she mentioned the nervousness she had in the interviews. #savingcherry went viral after the drama is aired.

Main characters: Jessica Hsuan (as Molly, Mall Jie), Frankie Lam (as Gordon), Natalie Tong (as Cherry) and Vincent Wong (as Saving).

Even though he is not the main character, but his character is outstanding enough for me the mention here. Lai Lok-Yi (as Hanson), the most annoying, cheap and cunning male that keep provoking people. However, this capability and character buildup gave him a good ending that I believe the scriptwriter did a great job there.

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