TVB Anniversary Awards 2021 Nomination list is out

Tvb Anniversary Awards 2021 Nomination

Same event, a new year, a milestone for the potential award winners.

The TVB Anniversary Awards 2021 [萬千星輝頒獎典禮 2021] is set on 2 January 2022. From the list of nominations to the Top 5 for each category is out now.

Last year, it was held on the 10 Jan 2021 and winners including Best Actor Vincent Wong and Best Actress Sisley Choi. Who will get home the biggest achievement this year?

Best Drama

Hands down, I really hope Kids’ Lives Matters will take home the award. The entire cast, the storyline is so engaging.

Kidslivesmatter Hard Team

For the next category which is the most desirable one, Best Actor and Best Actress. All three of them (Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung) from Kids’ Lives Matters is under the nomination list and hope they will get it.

Best Actor

First time Owen Cheng entered the Top 5 list but he admit that he has pretty strong competitors here.

Best Actress


  • Kalok Chow – Come Home Love
  • Billy Luk – AI Romantic
  • Shaun Tam – Take Two
  • Kenneth Ma – Kids’ Lives Matters
  • Hubert Wu – A Love of No Words


  • Joyce Tang – Come Home Love
  • Lesley Chiang – Come Home Love
  • Ali Lee – Beauty and the Boss
  • Rosina Lam – Sinister Beings
  • Linda Chung – Kids’ Lives Matters

Best Supporting Actor

Beginning of the war between Marco and Ngai Dong Hoi. Sinister Beings
Beginning of the war between Marco and Ngai Dong Hoi. Sinister Beings
  • Jonathan Cheung – Sinister Beings
  • Tyson Chak – AI Romantic
  • Brian Chu – Take Two
  • Him Law – Kids’ Lives Matters
  • Hugo Wong – The Ringmaster

Among the list, I feel that both Jonathan Cheung and Him Law’s role is a breakout for them and you can feel the dynamic of the character they are playing.

Best Supporting Actress

Planb Yoyochen
  • Lesley Chiang – Come Home Love
  • Yoyo Chen – Plan “B”
  • Mayanne Mak – AI Romantic
  • Moon Lau – Take Two
  • Regina Ho – Kids’ Lives Matters

Favorite TV Partnership

As for the Favorite TV Partnership category, last year we have cast from Al Cappuccino Vincent Wong, Owen Cheng, and Brian Chu won. This year the list extended to short dramas and also variety shows.

  • Jack Hui and Mandy Lam – Come Home Love
  • Kevin Cheung and Linda Chung – Kids’ Lives Matters
  • Crystal Fung and Patrick Luk Ho Ming – Young and Restless
  • Louis Yuen and Winki Lai – Dub of War
  • Niklas Lam and Kayan Yau – Heart City Hong Kong, Prop Up Youth

Watch the full video here


The list of winners is out. Do check out here.

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