TVB Anywhere reveal 10 TVB 2021 Drama posters hinting premiere

TVB Anywhere - Drama 2021

TVB Anywhere is a TV subscription similar to Netflix, VIU, Disney +, and more, just that you will only get TVB-related content through the subscription. This is to benefit international fans like us who want to watch some Cantonese original series.

They have recently revealed 10 TVB dramas that have yet to premiere on national cable TV in 2021 through their Facebook Page. Hints that it will premiere soon, maybe?

Are you curious to find out more about the 9 dramas? Scroll down to find out!

AI Romantic - TVB Drama poster

AI Romantic

Starring Ali Lee, Crystal Fung, Billy Luk, Kelvin Kwan

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Native title: 智能愛人

Hruce (Kelvin Kwan) is the CEO of an AI company, Dorian (Crystal Fung) is one of the best right-hand women on the team. Abby (Ali Lee) is an AI Robot that was developed and caught in a love triangle with 2 other humans.

Kids' Lives Matter - TVB Drama Poster

Kids’ Lives Matter

Starring Kevin Cheung, Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, Him Law and more.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical, Romance
Native title: 星空下的仁醫

Previously known as Children’s Hospital.

The story started 21 years ago, 1 faithful surgery broke the relationship between Dr. Jonathan Hui (Kevin Cheung) and Dr. Amos Fong (Kenneth Ma). They part ways after it but reunited in Princess Anne Hospital due to a transplant surgery.

Princess Anne Hospital has the best Pediatric surgery known in Hong Kong.

The Ringmaster - TVB Drama poster

The Ringmaster

Starring Owen Cheung, Wayne Lai, Shawn Tam, Elaine Yiu, Winkie Lai and more

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Action, Revenge
Native title: 拳王

Everything begins because of a revenge plan, Owen Cheung’s brother Shawn Tam was killed during a match and his death was indirectly related to Wayne Lai. In order to take him down, Owen enters the world of the Ring and hopes to bring him down someday.

Battle of the Seven Sisters - TVB Drama

Battle of The Seven Sisters

Starring Priscilla Wong, Rosina Lin, Samantha Ko, Moon Lau, Jeannie, and more

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Family, Drama
Native title: 七公主

A billionaire passed and left his will to his seven daughters, all of them share the same father but different mothers. The seven sisters see each other for the first time to live with each other in order to receive what they inherited. Each of them brought up differently and frictions happen.

The Line Watchers - TVB Drama poster

The Line Watchers

Starring Benjamin Yuan, Mandy Wong, Venus Wong, Moon Lau, and more.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Police, Crime, Investigation
Native title: 把關者們

The drama is set in the Hong Kong Custom department, how different departments within the branch work together. Fung Sir (Benjamin Yuan) is a senior supervisor from the Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau. Madam Kwan (Mandy Wong) is from the Trade Descriptions Investigation Bureau.

Shadow of Justice - TVB Drama poster

Shadow of Justice

Starring Bobby Au Yeung, Joe Ma, Joey Meng, Jeannie Chan, Yeung Ming, and more.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Police, Crime, Investigation, Legal
Native title: 伙記辦大事

The drama is about two individuals come head to head with each other. Ou Yeung Cong (Bobby Au) is a high IQ officer from the traffic police department, his intelligence and attention to detail helped him solve countless cases. Dai Cheung Guan (Joe Ma) is a lawyer that is infamous for his defense skills in court.

Sinister Beings - TVB Drama poster

Sinister Beings

Starring Ruco Chan, Rosina Lin, Crystal Fung, Ben Wong, and more.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Police, Crime, Investigation, Legal
Native title: 逆天奇案

Hui Jun Sen (Ruco Chan) is a capable player under the Drug Investigation Unit (infamously known as 0記). Appreciated by his superior and well love and recognized by his team, however, his ultimate aim is to join the Flying Tigers Unit.

The Kwoks and What - TVB Drama poster

The Kwoks and What

Starring Ruco Chan, Rosina Lin, Crystal Fung, Ben Wong, and more.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Family, Romance, Drama
Native title: 我家無難事

The drama is based on the life of Guo Shen (Joe Ma). He is slightly older but young at heart and positive about life, just when he returned to Hong Kong from Malaysia, he wanted to restart life by being an entreprenuer. His mother’s superstition, his wife Faye (Natalie Tong) suggest divorce, the business faced obstacles, he was thrown behind bars for 2 decades. Will his positive energy last after all these?

Tvb Anywhere Reveal 10 Tvb 2021 Drama Posters Hinting Premiere

Big White Duel II

Starring Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, Moses Chan, Natalie Tong, and more.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Medical, Romance, Politics
Native title: 白色強人II

The second season following the successful medical drama, Big White Duel II introduces two new characters. Nancy Wu will be getting heads on with Roger Kwok in the political stand for Marshall Paxton Hospital while involving in a love triangle between Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong. Moses Chan is a new doctor joining the Emergency Unit and also the ex-boyfriend of Kelly Cheng.

Tvb Anywhere Reveal 10 Tvb 2021 Drama Posters Hinting Premiere

Barrack O’Karma 2

Starring Selena Li, Joel Chan, and more.

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Fantasy
Native title: 金宵大廈2

Selena Li returns to TVB to film this drama as fans are calling out for a sequel. Partner up with Joel Chan, both of them will lead the drama but reveals that the story will be different from the first season.

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