TVB brings us to the set of upcoming drama by Him Law and Yoyo Chen – After Marriage

After Marriage Tvb Drama Him Law Yoyo Chen

The first day of filming for a new TVB Hong Kong drama starring Yoyo Chen and Him Law – After Marriage (literal translation) 婚後事. The drama begins its chapter in a courtroom where you can definitely tell the tension and relationship between both the main leads turned sour.

Story-based on the aftereffect of an unsuccessful marriage with a child involved. Him Law mentioned after being a father (of 2 now), he has a totally different feel and is able to get into the character and the script better.

As for Yoyo, this is the first time she took the main lead role. And after she was recognized and rewarded the Best Supporting Actress Award at the TVB 2021 Awards. Reunited on set but she talked about the challenge she faces for this role and how both Him Law and herself have to keep up with their emotions and are not able to properly reunite off camera. Constantly have to listen to sad and unbroken songs to help aid her to get into character soon.

Him Law briefly talks about the happiness and also a little challenge he faces since both of his children are still young, with his son just celebrating his 100th day. But he thanked his elder daughter for being a sweet soul and understanding.

Check out the full interview here

No details of when the drama will premiere on small screen but we will definitely pay attention to this one and its progress.

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