TVB confirm premiere date for Armed Reaction 2021

Armed Reaction 2021

The fifth installment from the Armed Reaction series started in 1998. However, it is a brand new story line with a good mix of seriousness and comedy factor in.

Light-hearted police investigation drama with veterans such as Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan on board, and the OG Joyce Tang.

Native title: 陀槍師姐2021
No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Police, Investigation, Comedy, Action

The drama started when different police were pulled together and formed the Cold Case Special Investigation Unit. Diana Dai On Na (Jessica Hsuan) is a policewoman that isn’t the typically strong and brave figure. Mung Tan Sam (Moses Chan) is one of the fittest from the Special Duties Unit.

Triad side we have Ronald (Tony Hung), Danny (Fred Cheng), and also an undercover police Hua Dee (Him Law). Nicki (Gloria Tang) is a lady boss in public’s eyes but she is actually an undercover for the police.

Here’s the comically fun teaser to bring up the hype.

Check out the press event here

The drama is set to premiere on 25 Jan 2021, 9:30 PM every Monday to Friday.

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