TVB drama ‘Detective Investigation Diaries’ commence filming soon

Another TVB drama Detective Investigation Diaries (literal translation) 刑偵日記 announce it filming as the cast gathers together for the blessing ceremony.

The upcoming drama is a collaboration between TVB and Youku with another American company Imagine Entertainment. The romance thriller investigation drama has really big cast from the A-list with Kara Wei, Vincent Wong, Philip Keung, Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong.

Detective Investigation Diaries cast blessing ceremony
Detective Investigation Diaries cast blessing ceremony

The drama is about a pair of mother and son with multiple personality disorder. Yip Sir 葉豪軒 (Vincent Wong) has 3 different personalities and his mother Yang Bi Sam 楊碧芯 (Kara Wei) has 6 different personalities.

Detective Investigation Diaries cast
Detective Investigation Diaries cast

Madam Sing (Mandy Wong) is the no.1 under the ‘Bomb demolition unit’ and fell for the second personality of Yip Sir who is known as Zhu Ji. Her ex-boyfriend Gong Zheng Xuan 江政勳 (Lok Yi Lai) is a high ranked policeman. Dr. Wai (Benjamin Yuen) is a psychologist of Yang Bi Sam.

After The Defected, Kara Wei and Philip Keung is back working together along with Benjamin Yuen.

Even though Mandy Wong will not be taking the multi-personality role in this drama, she proves that having such role will help showcase your acting skill. Seen in Threesome 三個女人一個因.

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