TVB drama ‘Narcotics Heroes’ premiering tonight

Narcotics Heroes 2023

Is this your cup of tea? The partnership drama between TVB and YouKu is up next for those who love intense investigation stories.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Investigation, Drug, Police, Action
Native title: 破毒強人

Starring Moses Chan, Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, Kelly Cheung, Matthew Ho, and more.

The drama is set in the dark world of Hong Kong, Man Wa (Moses Chan) is the biggest drug lord who controls more than half of the market. In order to raid this, the Narcotics Investigation Division sends an undercover to collect evidence. Yip Ho Tin (Edwin Siu) completed his undercover mission and throw Man Wa behind bars.

Ho Tin lost his emotion after the mission and even his feelings for his then-girlfriend, Ting Cheuk Ning (Kelly Cheung). Fast forward to 12 years later, Man Wa got his freedom back and regretted what he did in the past.

He hired Tsui On Lok (Matthew Ho) who is dumb to help him handle online drug distribution and found his old flame, Cheung Lam (Nancy Wu) to launder money. Man Wa is determined to make his limited time left to the fullest after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Check out the teaser here

Starting tonight on 26 July 2023, it will premiere on YouKu and will air subsequently from 31 July 2023 onwards on TVB and Astro.

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