TVB dramas premiering in Dec 2020

TVB Dramas premiering on Dec 2020.

Last sprint of TVB dramas before the year-end and here are a few dramas confirmed air date. We have an exciting list of dramas to binge-watch just Go Go Go Operation C9, Legal Maverick 2, Line Walker 3, and more. But for those who love to stay up to date, here are the dramas to anticipate this month.

Hong Kong Love Stories

Hong Kong Love Stories TVB
Hong Kong Love Stories TVB

Premiere: 7 Dec 2020
No. of episodes: 12

Native title: 香港愛情故事
Original network: TVB / myTV SUPER

The drama revolves around the lives of couples living in Hong Kong, the country that has the most expensive real estate in the world. How the housing situation, directly and indirectly, affects a couple. Starring Katy Kung as Katy, Joey Law as Ronny, and more actors including Brian Tse, Venus Wong, and more.

Beauty and The Boss

TVB Drama, Beauty and The Boss.
TVB Drama, Beauty and The Boss.

Premiere: 14 Dec 2020
No. of episodes: 30

Native title: 愛美麗狂想曲
Original network: myTV SUPER

TVB’s Beauty and The Boss (previous known as Amelia’s Rhapsody) will be premiering on myTV Super instead of the traditional night slots on TVB channel. The drama follows the life of Amelia Wong (Ali Lee) who calls for a restart of her life after ending a long relationship. Amelia embarks on the journey to search for love, finding herself, and a dream.

The Impossible 3

The Impossible 3, drama poster.
The Impossible 3, drama poster.

Premiere: 28 Dec 2020 (19 Nov 2020 on Youku)
No. of episodes: 6

Native title: 非凡三侠
Original network: TVB/ Youku

The drama is about three strangers, three ordinary people who caught in an emergency event. A novelist Su Rui aka Mr Key (Julian Cheung), a stuntman Chen Can (Bosco Wong) and a tour guide Jiang Bao Er (Chrissie Chau) was roped into a series of mysterious cases waiting for them to solve after the first one is settled.

The Runner

TVB Drama - The Runner 大步走
TVB Drama – The Runner 大步走

Premiere: 28 Dec 2020
No. of episodes: 25

Native title: 大步走
Original network: TVB

The 25-episode drama aims to bring positivity to the viewers and learn how to live a minimalist lifestyle. The journey of living a minimalist lifestyle is easier said than done. Wu Sir (Joel Chan) is Carrie’s (Elaine Yiu) coach, started as a nemesis and slowly develop feelings for each other.

These dramas will definitely accompany us and countdown to 2021. For those who are curious what is installed for viewers in 2021 click here.

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