TVB dramas that might air in the latter half of 2023

The Spectator Tvb 2022 Drama Poster

Less than a few months left till the end of 2023. Are you still not satisfied with the choice of TVB dramas aired in the first half?

For those who like to binge-watch the latest dramas, here are a few of my personal favorites that were released in 2023.

Unchained Medley 靈戲逼人 stars Owen Cheung and Katy Kung is a fantasy romance drama that promotes traditional opera. This is the second time they have been paired together since The Offliners in 2019. So you can definitely expect good chemistry.

The Invisibles 隐形战队 for those who love your action-packed drama and for those who love to watch legal dramas, Speakers of Law 法言人 is definitely a go-to series.

Without further ado, let’s head to the topic on the list of dramas that might be released before the year ends.

Death Hint

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Police, Action, Investigation
Native title: 夺命提示

It stars Joel Chan, Owen Cheung, Tiffany Lau, Moon Lau, and more. The drama was in production from January to May this year. Another action-packed police investigation drama is set in the Secret Information Intelligence Branch (ASIB) led by Guo Bai Fei and Liu Li.

Different Space Induction

(Literal translation)

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No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Investigation
Native title: 异空感应

Starring Carlos Chan, Serene Lim, Nicholas Yuen, Zoie Tam, and more. The fantasy drama unfolds when Fung Ri Jin receives a help-seeking email claiming to be from Sergeant Mary that leads to a bizarre murder case.

Let Me Take Your Pulse

Let Me Take Your Pulse Tvb 2023 Drama

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical
Native title: 你好,我的大夫

Starring Sisley Choi, Matthew Ho, Ricco Ng, Kayan Yau, and more. The story is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to medical drama. A group of the younger generations who study and practice TCM try their best to change others’ viewpoints on Chinese medicine, People’s skeptical towards youngsters and want to gain recognition.

Hong Kongers in Beijing

Hong Kongers In Beijing Tvb 2023 Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Family, Life
Native title: 香港人在北京

Starring Ruco Chan, Jinny Ng, Tony Hung, and more. The drama completed its filming in late September 2022. The drama is set based on a family that moves to Beijing from their hometown in Hong Kong. Start fresh and inspire to flourish well in another country.

Romeo and His Butterfly Lover

Romeo And His Butterfly Lover Hkdrama

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Native title: 羅密歐與祝英台

Starring Moses Chan, Aimee Chan, Kalok Chow, and more. The drama is about two families who have been enemies for generations, Romeo and Juliet fell in love at first sight and decided to go against their family’s grudges and stay together.

The Spectator

The Spectator Tvb 2022 Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Romance
Native title: 旁观者

Starring Pakho ChauVenus WongJoey Law, Mark Ma, Shiga Lin, and more. The drama begins when Yiu Zi Yu (Venus Wong) aka Madam Yiu is ultra-sensitive with her senses and constantly under tremendous stress. The Rabbit’s Hole boss Wong Kun Hei (Pakho Chau) wants all his guests to forget all their troubles when they patronize the cafe. However, there is a dark secret that is yet to uncover.

Happy Ever After?

Happy Ever After Hkdrama

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, Family, Melodrama
Native title: 婚後事

Starring Him Law, Yoyo Chan, Lok Yi Lai, and more. The drama talks about the bitterness, ugliness beauty, sadness, and violence that lead up to the topic of divorce. Using different characters’ points of view to narrate the story and see from their angle.

Hi and Goodbye

Hi And Goodbye Tvb Drama

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Mystery, Romance
Native title: 再見,枕邊人

Starring Joe Ma, Mandy Wong, Kelly Cheung, Joey Law, Fred Cheung, and more. The story revolves around a romantic triangle between the three main actors. Gu Ching Tien [顧晴天] lost 7 years of memories after an accident. Sam [楊萬琛] and Rachel [善美] are in a relationship but it gets shaky when Sam’s ex-wife Ching Tien slowly regains her memories.

The Queen of News

The Queen Of News Drama Poster

No. of episodes: 26
Genre: Showbiz
Native title: NEWS新聞女王
Original network: Youku, TVB

The drama is set in the newsroom with the highest ratings, SNK News, and fierce competition between the staff and newscasters. Split into 2 teams, one led by veteran newscaster Man Wai Sum aka Man Jie (Charmaine Seah), and the other team led by George Leung Ging Yan (Kenneth Ma).

My AI Lover

(literal translation)

No. of episodes: 15
Genre: Sci-fi, Romance
Native title: 虛擬情人

It stars Venus Wong, Brian Chu, and more. This is the first drama in which Brian Chu took the lead role. The drama started when a scientist created a perfect lover using technology such as AI. Adam was born and the story continues.

The drama was in production from November 2022 to February 2023.

Your Highness 2

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Historical, Investigation, Friendship
Native title: 痞子無間道

The sequel of the well-received Your Highness led by Kalok Chow, Jeannie Chan, Brian Chu, and more. However, it was said to not continue the story of the first season.

This season, Detective Fei Ren (Kalok Chow) was ordered to investigate a mystery in a town and track down the whereabouts of the missing spies that were sent before him.

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