TVB Hong Kong dramas we can anticipate in 2022

Haunted House Cleaner

In a blink of an eye, we are entering the autumn season and soon winter of 2021. Even though TVB (the main broadcasting station in Hong Kong) have yet to release their lineup for 2022, here are some of my wishlist for next year.

Starting with the list of their lineup plans for 2021, which was released in November 2020 but have yet to make its debut on the small screen.

DISCLAIMER: The titles of the drama might change and the following are tentative drama title.

Power Envoy

Super Messenger 超能使者
Super Messenger 超能使者

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Supernatural, Action, Comedy
Native title: 超能使者

Starring Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, Natalie Tong, Tiffany Lau, Grace Wong, and more. This drama is about 5 supernatural humans who became street heroes while they seek justice for the helpless. All of them are not born with but unlocked their respective powers which include strength, time control, and more.

Life-Changing Truth

3db92 Unnamed File
Life changing truth 換命真相

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Fantasy, Time Traveling, Mystery
Native title: 換命真相

Starring Shawn Tham, Gloria Tong, Moon Lau, and more. The drama poses a question of ‘What if’. The story happens when ____ went back to 100 days ago to prevent something bad from happening. Will the ripple effect be positive or will things get worst?


Chinatown TVB Drama 唐人街 poster
Chinatown TVB Drama 唐人街 poster

Supposed to air last year September but was replaced with Go Go Operation C9 and since no updated news.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Action, Historical
Native title: 唐人街

Starring Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, Grace Wong, Tiffany Lau, Elanie Yiu, Moon Lau, Qiu Yuen, and many many more. This is an action mystery drama set in Thailand’s Chinatown. A place gathered martial arts experts in different genres.

Guardian of the Dark Night

Guardian Of The Dark Night Tvb Drama

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Investigation
Native title: 黯夜守護者

Starring Ruco Chan, Alice Chan, Sharon Chan, Joseph Lee, Kaman Kong and more. The story uncovers when the police investigate and dig out the darkest secret behind every case.

Abnormal Search Shop

Abnormal Search Shop Main Cast
Abnormal Search Shop 異搜店, Matthew Ho, Hera Chan, Raymond Cho and Yoyo Chen

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy
Native title: 異搜店

Starring Matthew Ho, Hera Chan, James Ng, Raymond Cho, Yoyo Chen, and more. The drama sets in a second-hand shop, Wei De Sun (Matthew Ho) has a special ability to know the story behind the object after touching it.

Your Highness is a Ruffian

This is the first lead role drama that Kalok has after his Best Supporting Actor in the 2019 TVB Awards Presentation.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Action
Native title: 痞子殿下

Starring Jeannie Chan, Kalok Chow, Brian Chu, Raymond Cho, and more. Ji Wei is the 4th price of Bak Sheng Guo 百勝國 but no one cares about him in the palace. Nei Ke Wen Ruo is a princess from Kor Lian Sheng Guo 歌蓮神國. Both of them lost their memories after an accident, woke up with a new identity in a new country.

Fell in love with the Luckless

Fell In Love With The Luckless Tvb Drama

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Web drama
Native title: 愛上我的衰神

Starring Hubert Wu, Erica Chan, Mark Ma, Mayanne Mak, and more. The story started when Chan Bei Ho (Hubert Wu) always brings bad luck and bad fortune to Pun Siu Yu (Erica) every time they meet.

ICAC Investigator 2022

ICAC Investigator 2022 Cast Lineup
ICAC Investigator 2022 Cast Lineup

No. of episodes: 5
Genre: Investigation, Non-fiction, Action
Native title: 廉政行動2022

Starring Shawn Tham, Sharon Chan, Benjamin Yuen, Sisley Choi, and more. Continuing the ICAC Investigator series, the 2022 version will continue to build on real-life cases that the ICAC team cracked. 

Phantom Operation Tactic Team

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Police, Investigation, Action
Native title: 隱形戰隊

Starring Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Joel Chan, Jimmy Au, Tiffany Lau, and more. the drama is set in the special police force unit, the Phantom Operation Tactic Team. Leading them is Hill Fong aka Madam Fong (Natalie Tong). Working hand in hand with them is the Counter-Terrorism Response Unit lead by Yik Sir (Jimmy Au).

Doppelganger Stranger

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Legal, Comedy
Native title: 雙生陌生人

Starring Matthew Ho, Alice Chan, Roxanne Tong, Tsui Wing, Joe Ma, Winkie Lai. The drama started with a myth, when a doppelganger sees his/her other self, it means a bad omen.

Haunted House Cleaner

Haunted House Cleaner

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Web drama
Native title: 凶宅清潔師

Starring Tony Hung, Kelly Fu, Fred Cheng. Zhao Mian Chan (Tony Hung) and Hung Zai (Fred Cheng) are haunted house cleaners, not the ordinary cleaner you are imagining.

Are you excited and looking forward to 2022?